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By Geraldine Ferraro
Over a century ago, a young Italian girl of fifteen braved the unknown and immigrated to America. What thoughts must have gone through her mind as she first glimpsed the shore of the land of opportunity? What would she have said if someone told her that in the future her granddaughter would run for Vice President of this great and awesome country? Hers was not to be an easy life. But she was more than able to take what life gave and turn it into the best she could give to her ten children. Such was the beginning of Geraldine Ferraro's family history in America.

"FRAMING A LIFE" is Gerry's tribute to the women who shaped her life and gave her the strength, determination, and an opportunity to live out the freedom and achievements that her grandmother could only dream of so many decades before.

My own grandmother came to the U.S. as a young girl of 17. Gerry's story is like reading my own past. And the beauty of "FRAMING A LIFE" is that every woman can glean the traits modeled by brave women who dedicated their lives to giving their children every possible chance to create a better life. The moral fiber and work ethic of these women is evident in the children they raised. What they represented has passed the test of time.

In paying tribute to her mother and grandmother, Gerry passes on to us an opportunity to grasp those qualities of old which were necessary in making this nation great and essential in raising a child.

Published by Scribner Publishing, this book is available in hard cover for $24.00 at your local bookstore.


By Mary LoVerde

In today's world many people feel overburdened, stressed out and exhausted. The reality is that they have every reason and right to feel this way. There is too much to do. We can't keep up. So what can we do? Do we have a tiger by the tail that will devour us if we dare let go? Can we make life work? According to Mary LoVerde, the answer is yes.

Connecting is the foundation she teaches for bringing balance into a life. Connecting to loved ones, co-workers, and to yourself. She has seen that as the demands of life increase, our tendency to ignore the signals our bodies send when rest and relief is missing from our schedule. People tend to put time with friends towards the bottom of their Œto do' list, sometimes going years without having quality, constant time with those they enjoy. We disconnect from our world around us and can end up losing hope.

Some methods to get your life back into sync can result in spending more time in trying to work the method. Mary shows us how the act of connecting actually brings the balance back without giving us more to do. In times of exhaustion and stress, it will be the bonds of the connections you have formed that will get you through.

One of the things I really liked about the message of this book is that it also points a way for finding solutions that will reach out to others. One of the women Mary helped is Lynn Price. As a result of their connection, Mary became involved in Lynn's foundation, Camp To Belong. This organization offers a camp experience to foster children for the purpose of allowing them to attend with their natural siblings, most of whom are separated and living in different homes. These children are given the opportunity to connect with each other, sometimes physically clinging to that precious brother or sister who is denied to them the rest of the time. It wouldn't take much to sponsor a couple of children; it wouldn't break into your busy schedule - but imagine how you would feel as your go about your busy day, knowing these children are together, connecting, and perhaps making a dramatic change for their future and how they view it!

Published by Simon & Schuster, this book is available in soft cover for $10.00 in your local bookstore.


By Geneen Roth

Renowned author Geneen Roth has helped many people with her workshops and books. One of my favorites is FEEDING THE HUNGRY HEART". Now in this easy-to-read book, Geneen teaches ways of breaking lifelong patterns that result in feelings of unworthiness and unhappiness.

With her quick wit and humor Geneen can hit upon the most sensitive subject in a way that allows a person to admit identification with the situation and open up to exploring behavior changes to alter their thought patterns.

The title of each chapter alerts you to the fact that this book is a rule breaker. The self-imposed rules that keep us in a state of feeling inferior. In Chapter 35, When Things Begin to Fall Apart, Let Them - the truth is that if you don't let everything fall apart when everything in you has already fallen apart, you will sleepwalk through life. We tend to not allow ourselves to feel our pain, fearing that we will be overwhelmed and become unable to function and that the pain will never end. Geneen teaches a way to learn how to get through these periods and get on with life.

Published by Hyperion, this book is available in hard cover for $15.95 at your local bookstore.


By Jonathan Robinson

A short time back I reviewed Jonathon's book, "REAL WEALTH: A SPIRITUAL APPROACH TO MONEY AND WORTH". Not only did I like the book, I benefited by incorporating his suggestions into my own perception of wealth. I've referred many others to his principles.

When "SHORTCUTS TO BLISS" arrived, I knew I was in for a treat. I wasn't disappointed. This tiny book lives up to its name 'SHORTCUTS'. That's exactly what it is. Jonathan has written 50 techniques for improving your life and each takes only minutes to read. Simply look at the contents and choose a topic that is of current meaning to you. There are a variety of methods to help you become aware of areas that are keeping you stuck in self-defeating behaviors and thoughts. These unique exercises keep your attention.

I wanted to try out one of the suggestions. Since I am a fifty-year-old woman in a competitive profession where youth and beauty are high on the list of desired qualifications, I chose #9, How to be Filled With Confidence, as a very needed trait to embrace. Jonathan advises Power Songs and Power Moves. First I started with a song that I consider an uplifter and motivator. The song is "I Believe I Can Fly". On my way to an interview that had me particularly nervous, I sang the song loudly in the car. As I drove and sang, I let the words sink in and felt my confidence rise. Then on to the Power Move. Jonathan says to move in a way that says you are unstoppable, even if it is as simple as power breathing or power walking. As I walked toward the building I walked with my head held high, a smile on my face and a bounce in my step. To my amazement, people started smiling back. I started to connect with them, enjoy them. My mind no longer obsessed on my fear; I was truly enjoying myself. When the interview began, I did feel a twinge of nervousness, but I was already connecting, smiling, and believing I could fly!

Published by Conari Press, this book is available in soft cover for $11.95 at your local bookstore, or by sending $11.95 + $3 S&H to 278 Via El Encantador, Santa Barbara, CA 93111.


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