By Paula Hamilton


With Ron Lavin Penny Price Media

If you have had any exposure to "New Age" philosophy, much of the material in this video will be familiar. Ron Lavin is an internationally known healer, who has had media disclosure on Geraldo and Time magazine, as well as other sources. He practices healing much as other healers do, from the standpoint of allowing the body to heal itself. He also bases much of this on the premise that we are affected by vibratory frequencies that promote either healing or disease states.

Now, before you start to roll your eyes or sigh, let me see if I can explain this from a point of view that makes sense. Take, for example, the structure of an atom. Every atom has a nucleus of protons and neutrons. Around this nucleus are electrons. Atoms are mostly space. An electron orbiting the nucleus of an atom can absorb energy (such as light) and move from its normal orbit to a higher one. If it moves back again it gives off energy. The amount of energy given off is measured in quanta. (No, I'm not about to explain quantum physics, that's a whole other magazine!) But are you seeing the theory here?

Healers believe that they are able to channel energy in such a way as to increase the vibratory level of a person's body and release "stuck" energy that causes dis-harmony or dis-ease. Movement of energy, much like tai-chi. Vibratory frequency, much like ultrasound. One thing I feel obliged to say is much of this runs on parallel ground.

There is a "spiritual component" here with chakras and meditation, inner healing and divine light. There is also a "medical component" with talk of healing, curing and remissions. I feel it is important to separate the two. I do not wish to comment on this from a spiritual level. First, because you wouldn't listen, and second, because that is a choice each one of us must ultimately make for ourselves.

However, the medical component I feel eminently qualified to speak on, as a Registered Nurse and an aficionado of alternative medicine. I have long been witness to the importance of the mind-body link as a component of healing. I have also seen the limitations of traditional Western medicine; and have been witness to the qualities of alternative therapy as an aid to, or the primary force in, healing. I have also seen the desperation of illness and the fraudulent practices perpetrated on those who have little or no hope left.

Human beings are only beginning to understand what they don't understand about the universe we inhabit. Science will always be unwilling to say "We don't know". These frustrations lead to the search for answers in multiple directions. I cannot say if Ron Lavin or healers like him are saviors or carpetbaggers, and that is not my concern. My concern is that people are presented with enough accurate and thorough information in which to make an informed decision about their health and the care of it. That is what it means to be a "patient advocate", and that is what it means to be a nurse.

The video is a well presented, documentary-style exposť on Ron Lavin and this healing technique. The viewer is shown a class he is teaching and examples of his work.

This video is available from Penny Price Productions, 63 Mountain View Rd., Rhinebeck, N.Y., 12572,  or call Penny Price Media at (914) 876-0239.

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