By Kay Walburger



Two Women with Gentle Spirits Guide You to Sacred Sites on Journeys to Delight Your Heart and Soul

ADVENTURE AWAITS to far-away places with very strange sounding names! There are "sacred sites' as close as Sedona's vortexes or Star Mounds of Mississippi River Valley; or as far away as The Great Pyramid of Giza in Egypt, on Isles of Arran and Lewis in Scotland, etc., where you can fulfill your soul's longing for mystical, magically enlightening experiences.

It's no secret, especially to the readers of this magazine, that the people on this planet are having a major spiritual re-awakening amass. We have only to look back a few months at the phenomenal outpouring of love and grief caused by the deaths of our most beloved Mother Teresa, John Denver and Diana, Princess of Wales. We witnessed hundreds of millions of people (new reports say over 2 billion) from every nation, crossing every geographical, social, economic and religious boundary, experience this time of profound spiritual love, many renewing their personal commitment to a spiritual purpose for living. It is no wonder that Ginnie Inui with her new associate, Peggy Straub, have founded Inner Light Discovery Tours, "Travel to Enlighten the Soul".

The travel business will never be the same if these two women have anything to say about it. "We have thrown out the 'OLD rules' of doing business," according to Ginnie, "and we adhere to higher standards of the spiritual business paradigm, that being namely, "The Golden Rule." I personally design tours for people the way I love to be treated while traveling," proclaims Ginnie. "I include the Œluxury of time' with smaller, more intimate groups so the spiritual traveler can become quiet, centered and free to feel the true impact of the revitalizing experience. Most of all, I try to eliminate negative surprises by paying close attention to details."

Ginnie Inui is very qualified to do this, as she has enjoyed a lifetime of travel. Her experiences began in childhood with her parents and now total 20 years as a professional in the travel industry, and include her starting at the ground level and working her way up.

She knows the travel business from several different perspectives. First, the wonder-filled early trips as a child to Hawaii (especially the Big Island) and the world, with her parents. These trips were profoundly spiritually and sensory enriching. Later, she discovered how it felt to be treated like "cattle" on some commercial tours. Lastly, she was entitled to being treated like a "VIP" as a member of the travel business. Now, she can foresee problem areas and circumvent them for her clients. Having been an insider for so long has given her privileged information on little-known amenities and quaint, intriguing lodgings, villages, and shopping areas, etc., which she includes in her personally designed tours.

Add to this vital experience a lady who has worked with the public and has the great gift of putting travelers at ease. She worked as a tour guide at the US. Olympics, met most of the tourists' challenges and still loves people and tourism.

Peggy Straub has been invited to join Ginnie in this "niche travel market." Peggy has been on her own metaphysical path for some time. She recently closed a major chapter in her life and was looking for something to bring her special talents and energies as she launched a new career path. She loves to travel and the moment they met, these two knew they were connected. The timing is right and they feel they can provide value-based assistance to the soulful traveler.

The Cosmic Joke
These two must know the cosmic joke as they giggle and laugh frequently and are so comfortable to be with, clients drop by their hilltop offices in Anaheim Hills, with panoramic view (Œon a clear day you can see forever'). They are welcomed with a spot of "tea and sympatico". My interview was scheduled for one hour - two and a half hours later, I had to pull myself away!

They invite churches, temples or synagogues, clubs, meditation groups, schools of wisdom, study groups or teachers, "to take their show on the road" and collaborate on travel that enhances the group's interests. Ginnie will custom design a tour for groups as small as 6-10 people to any place they feel "drawn" to see and experience. This is a very valuable and cost-effective service and some organizations use it as a fund-raiser.

Let the Journeys Begin . . .

March: You may choose to study mediumship in England for a week at historic Stansted Hall, home of the Arthur Findly College of Spiritualism, study with certified British Mediums (beginners, working mediums and psychics). Then the second week, travel Britain - sites of spiritual and historical interest: Leeds Castle, Avebury, Silbury Hill, Glastonbury and Wells, a day at the Cotswolds, Stonehenge (candlelight circle meditation), etc., etc., etc.

June: Sedona vortex tour being designed as we go to press.

June: Sacred Star Mounds of the Mississippi River Valley, led by Page Bryant, nationally known teacher, psychic counselor and author (apprentice of Sun Bear). Includes ceremonies. Tour also includes Stone Mountain, Georgia, Vicksburg, and the Great Circle Mound near Indianapolis.

July: Scotland led by Time Travel, owner/operator, Lauren O. Thyme. Includes Isle of Arran - Machrie Moor Stone Circles; Kilmartin Valley (Druidic stronghold), Templewood Stone Circle, major rock carvings sites; Iona - Holy Isle; Isle of Lewis ancient sites - prehistoric caves, Inverness, castles and sites - ceremonies and meditations.

October: England astrology week - more information to come.

Travel Expands Awareness
Adventure awaits with Ginnie and Peggy of Inner Light Discovery Tours. It's their intention to take people away from the hustling and bustling, hurly burly world of cement, freeways, cars, crowds, computer, phones, faxes and TV's and connect them with the sacred sites of Earth.

"The Earth speaks, the stones sing, the waters dance, wind whispers to your soul and fills your spirit with bliss. These expeditions expand aware-ness. You will breathe a deep breath of life that renews your energy and lingers on forever and ever."

"You can return again and relive this sacred time. Through your memories, as I often do when life gets hectic; you can recall and get centered in the calm you felt there; then come back with renewed energy for what's at hand," explains Ginnie, "and so the journey never ends because you bring it back with you."

"I'm a teacher and I help people overcome fears of the unknown," says Peggy, "this helps them open a doorway into dimensions of themselves that reveals wondrous spiritual treasures."

If you feel a longing for some special place, this is a value-packed service to your journeys, that promises you'll return with "soul souvenirs."

For more information, contact: Ginnie Inui, CBA, Inner Light Discovery Tours, 505 S. Villa Real Dr., Suite 107, Anaheim Hills, CA 92807, USA. Phone: (714) 921-0929 - FAX: (714) 921-1897, E-Mail:

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