As they sat meditatively on the grounds of the property, journalist turned therapist, Ramesh Guné and his wife, Dr. Sandra Hopple Guné, felt the calling instantaneously.

The beauty of the magnificent mountains and healing qualities of the hot mineral water coming from Mother Earth's heart into the expansive indoor pool was overwhelmingly inviting. Within weeks, the two purchased the property which is located just minutes away from Palm Springs. After months of remodeling and restructuring, their "Nurturing Nest" is now ready to receive people who want to renew their physical, emotional and spiritual well-being.

Sandra, a gentle chiropractor, and Ramesh, a counselor at the world-renowned Betty Ford Center, offer a unique package of treatments including transformational touch therapy, energy movement, emotive breathing, exploration into self-awareness, hot mineral water therapy and exclusive massages - one of them an ancient secret reserved only for the royalty in India.

Ramesh, who holds a masters in Counseling Psychology, learned the art of meditation and yogic breathing when he was eight years old and living in India. Combining the best of East and West, he includes in the package tools which promote positive health and lessons that will allow one to experience a lasting sense of peace.

"At the Nurturing Nest, we want our clients to experience inner silence and a sense of well-being, and we are committed to ensuring that," said Sandra, whose healing hands have relieved her patients of their physical ailments and pains.

The Nurturing Nest is nestled in a beautiful rustic setting featuring large retreat rooms with attached kitchens. Natural hot mineral water enters into the vast indoor pool from the Nest's own underground well. An outdoor swimming pool, serene gardens, music and aroma create an ideal setting for a peaceful and healthy gift to yourself and someone you care about.

Accommodations are limited. For more details, call (760) 251-2583 or (760) 251-0973.

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