Letter from the Publisher . . .

Awareness Magazine begins its sixth year of publication with a very popular topic - Women's Issues. We hope you enjoy the many sources of good information. This special issue is adorned with an outstanding cover by local artist, Penny McManigal. She is so busy these days, that I felt very fortunate to reach her between her many out-of-town shows.

I must say I was quite disappointed in the response to our "Random Acts of Kindness Contest." Though we did receive some great articles, I have to wonder whether there are really so few "acts of kindness" being demonstrated, or if people are just too busy to write about them. And then we did receive a couple that honestly sounded like fiction. Unfortunately, that was not the purpose of this contest. I had hoped to start the new year with some inspirational stories of kindness that would continue to snowball throughout the year. We will try this again at a later date. Meanwhile you can read the winning articles on pages 18-19 .

This past year was one of tremendous loss for me personally, for our country, and for the entire world. It was a year of much sadness and dismay. I can only hope that these losses will make us stronger, and that we are able to move forward, continuing to promote the important causes of those individuals who gave so much to this world. Our next issue will feature "Earth Day" and you will again find us participating at the EarthFair in San Diego. We really look forward to this annual event and the opportunity to meet all of you.

Until then, herešs to a New Year, one of good health, love, and happiness!

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it all begins with Awareness . . . magazine!


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