By Julianna Joyce Perkins



Please celebrate with me as I take on my new name. This is a name with great meaning to me and reflects the person I am inside. This month's issue focuses on women, so it seems the perfect launching pad for me to present myself to you. Sandy Gostel Perkins was a good name and I give it homage and love as I release it and take on Julianna Joyce Perkins. Julianna after my granny who gave me unconditional love, Joyce because I was born on winter solstice and my mother 'rejoiced,' Perkins because I proudly embrace the last name of my husband, Byron.


By Vicki León

Well she's at it again! This campy, outrageous imp is out with another UPPITY WOMEN!!! And this uppity woman rejoices.

Set in a time of darkness and oppression, this author in her usual style, illuminates a plethora of wonderful women who would have faded into oblivion if not for Vicki. Spending weeks, months, years hunting through old court writings, wall paintings, ancient books, Vicki was determined to find the pearls that are our fore-sisters and breathe life back into them.

Her search and dedication may have been slow, painstaking and sometimes boring - but NOT the book! We are treated to this uncovered knowledge in the most delicious of ways. With modern quips and witty commentary we revel in the strength, audacity, and cunning these women used to make a difference in the world around them.

Thanks to Vicki, their efforts serve as an example and foundation to keep the feminine history alive and vibrant. We have a heritage. We have been a vital part of bringing about the evolution of humankind. Let us stand up and cheer, calling them by name and in so doing, elevating us all to the platform of equality.

Each woman is assigned her two-page homage. We learn more about them in those two pages than most other books in print. And we learn it delightfully. I found myself reading passages to my daughters, my friends, and my husband. Then I thought "What the heck" and purchased ten books to give out as gifts. Most of the people I gave them to purchased other books for their friends. If you want a really good book as your own or to share, this is it.

Published by Conari Press Available at local bookstores Soft Cover $14.95, 247 pages


By Dana Redfield

This Dana Redfield novel has been reprinted from its original 1991 print date. It is currently in production with an Australian film company.

The story takes place in a time when Mindy Pope is at a crossroad in her life. Unaware that she has taken paths away from her 'chosen' life, she has given in to life as a childless suburban housewife in a loveless marriage. Enter her young nephew, Jason. But this wizened mentor in child's clothing is more than he seems. Jason encourages Mindy to open her eyes to her reality - sometimes in the most hilarious of ways. She has to make a choice - live in the deception she created or gain the strength to fulfill her destiny; and believe me she'll need all the strength she can muster ‹ she's closed her eyes to some pretty intense family dysfunction! Dana Redfield spins a stimulating tale of fate, promise, relationships and intricacies in our human existence.

Published by Hampton Roads Available at local bookstores Soft cover $11.95, 242 pages


By Kathy Peel

If you're a working mom, you'll probably say you don't have TIME to read a book! Well, after reading it I have one thing to say ‹ if you read the book, you'll discover more time. This means more time for your family, more time for you. Kathy Peel speaks from the experience of being a very busy, disorganized wife, mother, career woman. She doesn't promise a magic wand. She offers a way to manage all your 'hats' in an efficient manner that clarifies your situation utilizing management skills, and giving new information.

Having written twelve books, contributed to Family Circle Magazine, and spoken worldwide, Kathy still managed to be in a twenty-five year marriage and raise three sons.

She encourages women to get their families working together as a team, suggests routines and operating procedures, and describes the concept of personal ecology ‹ the ability to balance our one and only life so that we can be there for the others in our lives, as well as for ourselves.

Published by Ballantine Trade Paperback Available at local bookstores Paperback $12.00, 201 pages


SPIRITED THREADS A Fabric Artist's Passion for Life
By Cynthia Grant Tucker

It isn't often we get an opportunity to glimpse into the intimate thoughts of another human being. Even when viewing the creativity of an artist, we may see something of their passion, but not the depths of their heart. Cynthia Grant Tucker has given us that opportunity through her SPIRITED THREADS.

This book is the result of the love between two friends. Before her death, Pat gave Cynthia a most precious gift - her personal journals. Cynthia states,

". . . as her illness had finally forced her onto oxygen and at last confined her to her bed, Pat had been keeping a private record of her life. I knew from the parts she had shared with me that her words carried all the veracity of those who have no time or breath to waste, and that they opened a window onto a realm where talent and wisdom and love were being refined in the fires of disability."

Pat was a remarkable woman who left beyond more than her wonderful art. She left a legacy for women and men. She left her hurts, fears, joys, passions, hope and love. Hers is a poignant story. Saddled with a disease that usually claims its victims in their early years, Pat beat the odds and lived in spite of her disability into her fifties. She used her time wisely. She absorbed her world, added the beauty and humanness that was her and presented it back to us.

If you would like to see the heart of an artist, the struggles of a woman fighting pain and the system, a talented and unique artist, a woman of our times - you'll find it in SPIRITUAL THREADS. A book compiled by a woman very much the sister and equal of the woman she so lovingly presented to us.

Published by Sibyl Publications Available at local bookstores Softcover $19.95, 256 pages

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