By Paula Moss



with Dr. Irene Lamberti
The Aerobic Prayer videos consist of two tapes designed to work together to provide a broad spectrum workout.

Tape one includes a warmup, half hour aerobic session, cooldown, gentle stretches and a meditation which can be utilized alone to provide a 1-hour session, or truncated and switched over to a second tape for a lengthened session. Tape two provides strengthening exercises for specific body areas - abdomen, buttocks, hips and legs, and also has a stretching and a meditation, all which last approximately 30 minutes, and can also be utilized alone. The two-tape version would provide both aerobics and strengthening lasting approximately 45 minutes. Neat idea! It's very adaptable.

The series is based on a tradition of sacred movement. Dr. Lamberti is a member of the Sacred Dance Guild and leads retreats and workshops on sacred movement. The steps borrow from several ethnic forms of dance, yet it is not difficult to follow. I felt the workout could be adapted (a "modified" model is provided) to any age group or fitness level, including those with back problems. Dr. Lamberti is the producer of the video Stop Back Pain Now, and is also a practicing chiropractor.

The "religious" aspect is very universal and won't offend anyone (unless you're really trying), but provides a spiritual channel that has an extra bonus appeal. I thought she was very upbeat and connected well with the viewer. No additional equipment is needed and the workout is safe, effective and low impact.

To order tapes or obtain information on workshops or seminars, call 1-800-DANCE-61, or write to Spectrum Communications, P.O. Box 662, Orofino, ID 83544.


Dr. Jeffrey Thompson and Owen Morrison
Brainwave Journey is a four-CD set of recordings - one-hour discs for each - Mind, Body, Heart and Spirit. A new addition to the Relaxation Co.'s Healing Music Series, the recordings were made by something called "three dimensional sound". By applying the use of 3-D microphones much like a hologram is to the visual senses, the 3-D sound is to the audio senses.

Dr. Jeffrey Thompson is a musician and doctor of neuro-acoustic therapy at the California Institute for Human Science. The recordings utilize sounds of the human body, nature sounds, and NASA space sounds, as well as visualizations composed by Owen Morrison in a pulsation of sound that stimulates brainwave patterns (alpha, beta, delta and theta waves). The idea is to have the brainwaves (electromagnetic waves produced by the electrical and chemical activity of the brain) fall into synch (entrain) with the audio pulses on the recordings to stimulate mind, body and soul.

I found the voice visualizations difficult to hear at times, due to the pulsations of all the sounds on the recording. It almost sounded like the computer scrambled voices in clandestine interviews. It was, I admit, a little disconcerting, almost like being in an episode of the X-Files.

I have listened to many relaxation recordings on audio cassettes, CD's and video tape, and was intrigued by the idea of this 4-disc set. They are all designed to be used individually, but the creators suggest the listener try all four programs in sequence first. If you've ever listened to one visualization tape or disc, you know the greatest challenge to modern man is to not fall asleep when he sits down to "relax". I think that a four-hour session would be a daring challenge.

The set may be obtained through Musik Intl., 154 Betasso Rd., Boulder, CO 80302, or by phone (303) 444-8261 or fax (303) 444-9122.

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