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Etherium Gold? Shamir? The newest magical potion? According to Karen Ehlert, they just might be. In fact, she believes these substances have a "living essence" quality and provide a link between science and spirituality.

Karen Ehlert worked most of her life in traditional settings as a teacher and school administrator as well as a business person. Beginning in the early 1970's she felt a sense of urgency to learn as much as she could about spirituality and something often referred to as the "Light Body." This quest led her ultimately to study and then to begin teaching a course called "Awakening Your Light Body." Her spiritual exploration continued and in January of 1996 she was introduced to Etherium Gold.

Etherium Technology was formed in 1995 upon the discovery of a white mineral deposit now called Etherium Gold. The story of the discovery is fascinating.

Patrick Bailey is a well-known nutritional research specialist and product developer for the supplement industry. Several years ago, Patrick learned of a Native American woman who was using an herb that grew in abundance on her land in the mountains, to treat sick people. A professional associate of Patrick's reported that the woman had been getting extraordinary results treating AIDS and other serious conditions for many years. Having been in product research for over 15 years, Patrick was very skeptical of such claims.

Patrick scheduled a meeting with the Native American woman to get samples of the herb and white mineral deposit around which the herb grew. Interestingly, he discovered that the same species of herb grows sporadically in local mountain areas. However, the Indian woman's plants that grow near the white mineral deposit are much more abundant and two to three times larger than normal.

Patrick was immediately interested in the white mineral, since, as coincidence would have it, he had recently become aware of David Hudson's work in monatomic elements which generally came from 'white powders'. Also, coincidentally, Patrick had just learned about a lab that specialized in electromagnetic soil analysis, so he sent them samples of the white powder for testing.

The lead scientist explained that he had tested over 2,300 soil samples from all over the world, and never before had he encountered such an extraordinary substance, with such magnificent electromagnetic properties.

Patrick began to believe that he had something special, but he felt it required further analysis. He arranged for a variety of tests which included microbiological, ICP-MS analysis, laser spectrophotometric neutron activation and acute toxicology. The tests confirmed some of the unusual characteristics of the mineral deposit, and found it to be beneficial to humans in small amounts as a supplement.

Julie Baily, took the helm of Etherium Technology and negotiated with the landowner for the rights to the herb, which is botanically known as Chamaebatiaria milliflorium, trade-named by Etherium Technology as 'Chamae Rose'. The white mineral deposit is trade-named 'Etherium Gold'.

Through studying and analyzing the special properties of Etherium Gold, knowledge has been gained about how these properties can be detected and developed into other substances. This knowledge has led to the development of another powder called Shamir.

Research indicates that both Etherium Gold and Shamir raise the harmonic resonant frequency of the whole body/mind/spirit of a person. As that process happens, individual orientation will shape and color the experience.

Practitioners and body-workers who practice healing by manipulating and balancing the subtle energy fields of the body report greater sensitivity to these fields resulting in a quicker response time in obtaining the desired results. Likewise, counselors and therapists notice accelerated response time with clients and desired changes are integrated at deeper levels of consciousness, improving the potential for permanent life changes.

As the electromagnetic frequencies are raised, the mind, regardless of left or right orientation, becomes integrated and more acute. Thoughts are clearer and more powerful.

Julie Bailey feels that one of the most intriguing areas of research is the role these products may play in activation, of what is perceived to be, dormant areas in the brain.

Etherium Gold? Shamir? A link between science and spirituality? If you'd like to know more, call Kyana (Karen) at (619) 563-7757 to request a free audio tape and a copy of "Etherium - Linking Science with Spirituality."

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