Susan McNeal Velasquez
By Kay Walburger

Susan McNeal Velasquez Proclaims "Unleashing the Power of Your Intuition Is A Self-Esteeming Way of Life!"

"What lies behind us and what lies before us are small matters compared to what lies within us."
                                                                                    - Emerson

Women's Intuition A Blessing or a Curse? Across the crowded room at one of the monthly meetings of the Noetic Society, an intriguing woman caught my eye. The speaker was a mathematics professor from a large prestigious university. He had recently discovered his "intuition" and was explaining the joy and new dimensions it had brought to his life in the most boring, left-brain way imaginable. At the break, we women both made a dash for the punch bowl. Knowingly, we looked at each other and burst out laughing at the absurdity. That night, Susan Velasquez became my "Intuition Coach." Our intuition brought us together, and it was delightful to experience a woman with such confidence in her own intuitive powers.

Like many women of my era, I was teased and made fun of, if not outright discounted for, my intuitive insights. "Women's intuition" was more feared than respected in times when people wanted to "keep up a front" behind which to hide their feelings of inadequacy.

Intuition in the creative areas of my life was comfortable and very admired, for example, in my photography, writing, and public speaking. In business and technical areas, I had severe confidence problems. My life had taken a strange turn into more humanitarian, spiritual and philanthropic arenas. I longed to trust my intuition which keeps whispering such wonderful things in my ear. Could I trust it? Could I make serious life-altering and business decisions based on hunches?

By phone, I called Susan for help and she convinced me in the most extraordinary way. I told her about my intuition and how afraid I was to trust. She said she'd write a silent question. I was to sit back, relax and meditate, then describe the image I saw. As she questioned me, more details came to me. At the end, she read the question. I had intuited the answer which confirmed that I could trust my own intuition to make important life decisions. Self-esteem is enhanced as each of us learns to trust ourselves for our own answers to life's endless questions.

Susan McNeal Velasquez has ongoing six-week groups that assist participants in using their own intuition, opening the doors to creating their heart's desire. Each class I attended expanded my awareness of "the still small voice" within me. I would no longer ignore this voice, but listened eagerly for all the pearls of wisdom and insights that added richness, texture and depths of color to the tapestry of my life.

Let Your Intuition Be Your Guide "Creating a partnership between the intellect and intuition," says Susan, "is important to peace of mind. When our intellect is at war with our intuition, the intellect almost always wins, because it is held in higher esteem in society. How can we get our intellect to give up some of its obsession with knowing and controlling everything?"

The more we understand our intellect, our inner critic, and our sixth sense, the easier it becomes to allow them to collaborate, helping our dreams come true. The intellect sets boundaries and is proactive for the sensitive side of our nature. The inner critic never sleeps and needs respect, but also to be recognized for its possible destructive direction. The sixth sense wants room and permission to expand and bring its gifts into fruition.

Intuition Is Your Soul Voice Speaking "Intuition is your soul voice speaking," reminds Susan.

"If intuition were a person, here are some of her characteristics:
Intuition loves intimacy. She relishes making connections and building relationship bridges. She gets threatened by isolation and hates to have to explain how she knows what she knows.
She flourishes in environments where acceptance, curiosity, wondering, imagining and musing are encouraged. Kindness and enthusiasm please her and she returns the gift in kind.
She likes to delve. Secrets intrigue her. She has eyes that see through pretense and can be quite fierce and righteous when lied to.
Intuition pries things open and pins things down, so she is not to be taken lightly. She has ears that hear beyond the mundane into the very heart and soul of issues.
She is self-preserving and if you invite her into your life she will sense directions that will yield the most benefit for your soul growth.
She can tell you where betrayals are brewing, and when you are confused she can penetrate past bad behavior and actions to uncover the scared child within.
She can shift your path from a position of "who cares" to one of "let me sense, see, hear and know all there is for me.
"Intuition is your soul voice speaking . . . and all you have to do is listen."

Susan McNeal Velasquez, a Master Facilitator, has been writing and producing personal development seminars over the past 25 years. She has been a primary catalyst in assisting women and men to develop their talents and abilities and make significant contributions in their fields of expertise.

Susan has served as the Executive Director of Leadership Dynamics, Inc. and spent six years as the Executive Vice-President of Verbal Advantage Educational Programs. Her strong business background, coupled with a unique and dynamic style, make her one of the most experienced personal development facilitators in Southern California.

Susan McNeal Velasquez facilitates on-going seminars on the topic of "UNLEASH THE POWER OF YOUR INTUITION". Write to her c/o the Laguna Coast Line News, 384 Forest Ave., #22. Laguna Beach, CA 92651. She can be reached at: (714) 494-7773.

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