By Amber Penrose


The Story of One Woman's Search for Her Personal Health, Aging and Wellness Challenges

Women are the enlightening strength of every civilization. They innately possess the gifts to inspire, envision,create and the power to heal. It is their feminine qualities of love and compassion that is the hope for a stable society.

Women of history and women of today are often sadly misrepresented. They are portrayed as subordinate in the Bible, blamed for the fall of man, and the historical omission of their contributions in art, science and philosophy, have prevented a deeper appreciation of their innate beauty, ideas and gentle wisdom. Society is missing its feminine half, and as stated in the ancient Vedic Scriptures, "The degree to which women are respected is the degree to which society is truly civilized".

How can we bring back the empowered and revered goddess of yesteryear? Where is she? How do we rekindle our relationship with her, which is in all of us?

One such an oasis for inspiration, truth, clarity and exchange is a forum for women called Audrey Hope's "REEL WOMEN". It is a weekly cable show dedicated to supporting positive feminine role models in the media. Produced and presented by Audrey Hope, the show fills a needed gap in women's programming. The media is utilized as an empowerment source rather than just an opportunity for advertisement or an arena for trivial controversy.

"REEL WOMEN" glimpses the beauty and power of the goddesses of old. Those who are visionaries and role models. Those who inspire others with positive solutions in fields such as philosophy, art, science, law, organic farming, nutrition, emotional well-being and family harmony. This show offers hope for all people who seek to improve our world.

Audrey and her co-producer, Brent Williams, have aired "REEL WOMEN" nationally and internationally, and plan to ultimately syndicate the show nationwide.

An award-winning actress, Audrey lives in Los Angeles and continues to appear in leading roles in the theater, film and television. She is an astute New York City native who studied Shakespearean theater in England. As Rick Seeley, editor of the Daily Breeze said, "Where, even on PBS, is the TV forum for strong women with ideas for positive change?"

Guests have included Riane Eisler, author of the pivotal work, The Chalice and the Blade; Sheila J. Kuehl, former director of the California Women's Law Center; Karen Stone, director of the UCLA Women in Philanthropy Program and Soraya Mire, producer of the internationally acclaimed movie, Fire Eyes. Other inspiring women who have graced "Reel Women" are Lorie James, actress, producer and portrayer of Margaret Fuller (perhaps the single-most progressive wo-man in American history) and Shri Mataji Nirmala Devi, world leader and former associate of Mahatma Ghandi.

"Until I met Shri Mataji, I had not fully grasped the importance of "REEL WOMEN" for the dawn of this new era," says Audrey. "Shri Mataji says that we are in this special 'blossom time' that has been prophesied in all the ancient Scriptures." Now we can end spiritual, economical and global turmoil by connecting to the Mother Energy that is innately born within all of us. We are restoring the emotional integrity of women and thereby honoring the beauty and gentle wisdom of a loving God, the abundance of Mother Earth, and the gratitude and respect for all living beings.

Audrey was inspired to create the "Reel Women" show after reading The Beauty Myth, by Naomi Wolf, and Backlash: the Undeclared War Against American Women by Susan Faludi, books dealing with the media's effect on women. The program is based on issues, not sensationalism in the form of arguments and confrontations.

As Rolf Gompertz, writing for Emmy Magazine, says "Hope's vision extends beyond women's issues. Her aspiration is to sensitize people to view hu-man beings with respect and compassion."

Her style has been attracting attention from Multimedia Television, WPIX in New York, PBS, Turner Broadcasting and OASIS TV, a new cable network. She is adamant about finding the right home for this new show. "It needs to be uncensored, and it needs to encompass the variety of insights and ideas that women of today and women of yesterday have to share."

For further information or show times, call "Reel Women" Productions at (213) 850-8588.

Deborah Ruth is a successful massage therapist focusing on the needs of women and their families. Her column, 'Jewels in Our Big Backyard' focuses on presenting Real Men, Women and Children who are 'jewels of inspiration, or innovation'. If you would like to recommend a person, or a great place, or just send an inspiring note, please e-mail at DEBODEVO@NEWCIV.ORG , or call (818) 346-1128.

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