By Amber Penrose


The Story of One Woman's Search for Her Personal Health, Aging and Wellness Challenges

Christine Dahm, a hard-working business woman from Orange County, CA, reached middle age and began to feel challenges to her wellness. A search led her to the new U.S. Nutra-ceutical Industry. Now, more than a year later, after taking Mannatech's proprietary products, considered leaders in the nutritional field, Christine is ready to tell her story. It is not that she is skeptical, it is just that she is very cautious. So many promises are made to (we) Americans every day and too few are kept.

Christine is a typical American according to a recent article in the Journal of American Medical Association (JAMA). It says an estimated 40% of Americans have turned away from the traditional use of drugs and are searching for alternative products to treat their medical problems. A similar story on CBS estimated the number to be closer to 50%. The reasons most given for these changes are: (1) too toxic, (2) too expensive and (3) too unreliable. Where do Christine and others find alternatives? They have to rely on anecdotal stories or books, pamphlets or tapes to steer them to different products.

New Nutraceutical Legislation
The FDA, recognizing the growing trend, began stepping up their efforts to control or eliminate these off-label- drug claims. A product that claims to provide any type of healing benefit is technically a drug and must be approved by the FDA. The multi-billion-dollar nutrition industry cried foul to the thought of any regulation of food products. The result was a stand-off. That is when Congress discovered how passionate Americans were about natural nutrition products as they sent an overwhelming barrage of letters, telegrams, faxes, phone calls and petitions insisting on their right to choose for themselves.

The result: The 1994 passage of the Dietary Supplement Health & Education Act. The new law will create an entirely new level of products referred to by many as "Nutraceuticals" The criteria for qualifying as a nutraceutical will be scientific studies showing safety, stability and proven effects.

Christine was relieved to find documented research and ongoing clinical studies as well as credible endorsements from some of the world's top athletes, doctors, researchers, professional models, and professional sports teams.

She began taking the Mannatech products more than a year ago and believes that "Manapol" (the heart of all this company's products) may be the most important phytochemical discovered to date.

It has shown to be effective in three distinct ways:
(1) as a product designed to help support the body's natural defense system,
(2) for topical use (consistent with its rich history) and (3) as a catalyst for other bioactive components in product formulation.

5,000 Year Aloe Vera Mystery Solved Aloe Vera has a rich and mysterious history. It has been used as a home remedy for thousands of years on every continent. The Bible has references to its healing properties; Alexander the Great and Cleopatra are reported to have been ardent users. Nomads are said to have uprooted it and carried this plant from place to place so as to never be without. Your Grandmother may have put some gel from her window aloe plant on your cut or burn. Today, burn wards are known to use it along with other important treatments. Aloe Vera has only one major drawback. It always had to be used fresh, straight from the plant to receive the maximum benefit.

The mystery surrounding the conflicting scientific data began to unfold when scientists at Carrington Laboratories discovered a bioactive component in Aloe Vera called betamannan. They also discovered in the Aloe leaf a naturally-occurring enzyme that breaks down this unique molecule, destroying any potential health benefits.

Carrington's scientists then developed a processing method that deactivates the destructive enzyme, thus stabilizing this functional component in the Aloe gel. The final product of this patented process is trademarked "Manapol", the only nutraceutical-grade Aloe Vera extract with a scientifically standardized level of Aloe betamannans. Mannatech Incorporated now holds an exclusive right to distribute "Manapol" in its products.

After using Mannatech's products for more than a year, Christine Dahm is now ready to share the story of her improved personal health and all the different exclusive products formulated with "Manapol".

Ambrotose, a new composition, includes Aloe Betamannan as a key component to a mixture of proprietary, standardized natural saccharides. Ambrotose is unique - the first-of-its-kind product - designed based on current knowledge about how the body communicates at the cellular level.

Healthy bodies, comprised of many components working together in sophisticated harmony, must have accurate internal communication to function correctly. In its most basic form, this communication occurs at the cellular level and is referred to by molecular biologists as cell-cell communications. To maintain a healthy body, cells must talk to other cells. When the language of the cells gets garbled so that the message is no longer clear, health problems occur. Research being reported in this field in just the last decade has ignited a new level of hope and cautious optimism with some of the worlds leading immunologists.

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