Welcome to The World of Indigos
Part 2
The Adult Indigos
By Michele Alexandria



What an amazing couple of months it has been since I wrote my first article on Indigos. I could not help but have a huge smile on my face as I am writing this second part, because I am so excited about all of the new publicity coming out about the Indigos.

On November 15, 2005, CNN, on the Internet, aired a segment about the Indigos and their Divine gifts. A week later, Diane Sawyer interviewed an Indigo family on Good Morning America. It was great to see that the media has taken an interest in educating the public about Indigos. Although, in my opinion, we have a ways to go in bringing out a more clear and accurate view of who they are and why they’re here. But at least the word is getting out, and in the mainstream!  

Since my first article, in the November/December issue of Awareness, which talked about Indigo Children, I was looking forward to the many phone calls from eager parents who wanted to find help and guidance for their little Indigos. Instead, I received ongoing calls from Adults, who, after reading my article, told me that I was describing them. Call after call, their stories had a similar ring. I was really taken aback, as each one shared his/her’s life journey with me.

Most were just happy there was someone out there who was willing to listen and validate who they are and what they have experienced. I told them to stay tuned, because I knew I would be writing my second article about the Adult Indigos.

I thought it was pretty funny, as the Universe would have it, because those phone calls helped give me a much greater and more insightful look into...The World of the Adult Indigos.

The Adult Indigos, “Scouts or Pioneer Indigos”, as they are sometimes referred to, began coming to earth just after WWII, with very few coming before. The percentages were small in the beginning, but over the years their numbers grew. The bulk of the Indigos were born from the mid-70’s to late 90’s. The earlier Indigos came here to lay the energetic groundwork, as well as, pave the way and make it safe for the future generations of Indigos to come.

As with the younger generation of Indigos, Pioneers display very similar characteristics and traits. They are highly intelligent, energetic, spiritually and psychically gifted, are great healers, and many are musically or artistically talented. They “know and see” things others don’t, and they seem to “get it” on a much deeper level. They also share the same vision and purpose, which is to help take humanity to a higher level of consciousness.

In addition, many have a heightened awareness and attunement with nature and the animal kingdom. In fact, many feel much more comfortable with animals than with humans. This is also because of their heightened physical, emotional and spiritual sensitivities.

They are not very comfortable being around lots of people. They tend to avoid being in places like shopping malls, concerts, or any place where large groups of people gather, due to over stimulation and energetic overload. They are more comfortable by themselves, surrounded by nature, or interacting with other Indigos.

As a side note, many Indigos cannot use cell phones, computers or wear watches. Their energetic vibration interferes with the operation of electronic equipment.

Indigos see and interact in this world differently. They are not attached to physical things. Money and worldly possessions are not as important to them. Many have challenges holding down jobs. This world reality is difficult for them to understand. It is hard for them to grasp why our society, as a whole, places more value on money, competition, dishonesty and being out of integrity, vs. cooperation, honesty, human dignity and compassion.

Many would rather fight the system and make their own rules, then “sell themselves out” or “play the game”. For those who don’t give in to the pressures of fitting in, life can be one battle after another. But for those who do give in, life can be very disheartening.

As young Indigos, life was a lot more challenging for them. The world was not ready for their Divine gifts and insights. Many disclaimed and disconnected themselves from their Light and God Self. They shut down and suppressed their natural gifts and spiritual abilities in order to survive and fit in with their families and society. Many have shared stories of being physically and emotionally abused, as well as, labeled ADD, ADHD and/or Bi-Polar and were given medication to suppress their behaviors.

As they grew up, many turned to drugs and alcohol to numb and dull the immense pain they felt. They were strangers in a strange land greatly misunderstood, mistreated, alone, and forsaken. They ached for a place that would feel like “home”, where they basked in the love and light of God. For most, life was nothing like home.

Inherent within each of us is a deep knowing of who we truly are and what we are here to experience and contribute. What can make this knowing somewhat of a mystery is our choosing to be blind and unwilling to see beyond our personality selves (our egos). We focus more on what our mind tells us is true, rather than listening to our inner knowing, from our heart and soul.

For Indigos, this disconnection from their “Point of Essence”, or God Self, is much more painful. They have a deeper knowing and connection to that which is beyond this world experience. By cutting themselves off from their “True Essence”, and purpose, they spiral into an abyss. Their sadness is overwhelming as darkness and fear overcome them. They shrink and disappear within themselves, and it is not that uncommon for them to attempt suicide.

Some can go from a deep depression into an “Indigo rage”, where they lash out in such anger that they don’t care who they hurt. Their message is strong; they want the world to feel their pain!  

I have the greatest compassion for the Adult Indigos who waged their way through so much resistance and strife for a much longer time. They have had to fit into a world that doesn’t support who they are. I understand their anger, frustration and disillusionment. They deserve a lot of credit and gratitude for being willing to endure the physical, emotional and spiritual challenges in order to open new doors and pave the way for future generations of Light Beings.

It is also important for me to acknowledge those Adult Indigos who are in their power and brilliance, as great healers, teachers, and leaders. Not all Indigos need healing, but so many do. It is my passion and mission, to help those who are emotionally and spiritually wounded, by reconnecting them back to their truth, helping him/her reclaim what they long ago disclaimed, and guiding them back into their “Point of Essence”.

The world is changing rapidly and it is the Indigos who are the trailblazers, showing us the way. We need to help them heal from their wounds and pain, and bring them back into their power and magnificence. Indigos are here to be of service for the greater good of all, and remind all of us of our truth, as together we bring the peace of our Divine home... here.

For more information on spiritually healing the Indigos, please check out the highly-acclaimed book, “Spiritually Healing The Indigo Children (And Adult Indigos, Too!)” by Wayne Dosick, Ph.D. and Ellen Kaufman Dosick, MSW.

Michele Alexandria is a certified Indigo Healing Facilitator, through The Soul Center For Spiritual Healing, as well as a Spiritual Life Transformation Coach and teacher. She provides Spiritual healings for Indigo Children, as well as Adult Indigos. For an appointment, call: (619) 462-3959. Or visit her website at: www.indigohealings.com

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