By Jesse Anson Dawn
Tips on Keeping Mind and Body Young



Presently answering the question: Can you tell us more about your vision for “a younger world?”

Dear Readers,
Yes, for this new year, instead of watching too much television, let me tell you of a rejuvenating vision:

How about instead of just “make-up” to hide “wrinkles” of tension, we de-tension by making-up with some so-called “enemies?”

Further into this rejuvenating vision, I see that instead of an “old world” terrorized by “anti-terrorism” — a world programmed for various “States of Emergency” — we are instead taught to De-tension, Emerge and See.

Further into this rejuvenating vision, I see a world NOT stuck in greedlock-muck, nor foiled by the terrible toils of the spoils of oil. (Note that the struggle of not being stuck in greedlock-muck also happens amid the real healing of one’s precious mind-body).

All of which may bring about less of this God-awful business of nation vs. nation and more of the business of real imagination.

Further into this rejuvenating vision, I see that instead of Washington’s current “old style” Department of Misinformation and Financial Disasters, I see the coming possibility of new Departments of Real Information and Financial Intelligence. Further into this rejuvenating vision, I see that instead of a Bad-Actor-Terminator for governor, there arrives an Actual-Actor-Uplifter for better governing.

What do I mean by “better governing?” Better governing happens when instead of scaring cities with “scarcity” — government begins to admit poor ghettos into the mainstream dance of abundance.

Further into this rejuvenating vision, I see that better governing happens when instead of just strictly “loving our country,” we begin to see other people.

Further into this de-tensioning vision, I see a time when, instead of making enemies via modes of torturing, we make friends via modes of nurturing.

(And the same thing goes for one’s body).

Further into this rejuvenating vision, I see a time when pharmaceutical (Chemicals R’ Us) side-effects will no longer cause more deaths than foreign wars for profit, a time when doctors are no longer hooked by drug companies, a time when healing is no longer a chemo-surgical “Industry of Overkill”...

Further into this rejuvenating vision, I see a movement toward REAL free speech and REAL freedom, not just the current trend toward being “free” and dumb via corporate media, or being brain-washed by old-style racist miseducation...

Do you get the gist of my justice or are you strictly for “just us?” Are you for a future Armageddon, or for a future of collectively getting-it-on?

All of which makes up some of the tapestry of my Vision for a Younger World...a world where we don’t become screenile because it’s “time” to “re-tire” into a “rest home” — but instead we become ACTIVISTS because we’ve got the SENSE and TIME to think about REALITY


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