How to Feel Safe & Be Happy in the Midst of
Personal and Planetary Chaos
By Scott Kalechstein



the hurricanes are coming, the hurricanes are here
abandon all your hang-ups, evacuate your fears
the winds of change are blowing, so find your higher ground
abide inside your center where you’re always safe and sound
abide inside your center where you’re always safe and sound
© ScottSongs 2005

When I was a child I had recurrent nightmares about a nuclear end to the world. My parents would come into my room and soothe me as I trembled. Sometimes I couldn’t fall back to sleep for hours, and then only with the light on.

In public school we had occasional shelter drills when, at the sound of an alarm, we would go out into the hallway and crouch against the wall with our heads curled in between our knees. In my extracurricular study I learned that if an atomic bomb exploded in my city we would all instantly vaporize. I wondered how assuming a crouch position would help.

As a young adult I began studying A Course In Miracles, which, in regards to the end of the world, is downright peppy: “The world will end in joy, because it is a place of sorrow. When joy has come, the purpose of the world has gone. The world will end in peace, because it is a place of war. When peace has come, what is the purpose of the world? The world will end in laughter, because it is a place of tears.”

Now that’s an ending we can begin to look forward to!

In the 1980’s I studied with a spiritual teacher who had a gift for seeing the future. Hilda foretold what we would be facing between now and the year 2012. She called these times the tribulations. She spoke of a cold new world order headed by fear-mongering leaders who would be handed power on a plate of passivity by the slumbering masses. She predicted that the United States government and those behind the scenes would chip away at our freedoms in the name of security until the people got fed up enough to find their voices and take their power back.

She asked us to respond by speaking out and peacefully not cooperating, the way Gandhi would. And she assured us we would have plenty of help from Mother Earth in the form of planetary upheaval and earth changes that would force large numbers of people to start thinking and behaving communally, as one human family, and no longer as separate nations with separate interests and agendas.

In the Chinese language the word crisis is spelled as a combination of two symbols, one signifying ‘danger’ and one ‘opportunity’. Facing shared global crisis is an unprecedented opportunity for masses of people to set aside their differences, open their hearts, and work together.

The heat is on, and I am not just referring to global warming. Humanity doesn’t have the luxury of time anymore to evolve slowly and gradually. These days, it is evolve or perish. Black and white thinking, us and them attitudes, good versus evil ideologies — are all up for review and transformation. Polarity ice caps are melting, and the waters are overflowing the levees we constructed to keep our emotions contained and controlled.

If you aren’t experiencing huge changes flooding your psyche, check your pulse.

We are in the midst of a wash, rinse, and spin cycle of our collective growth, and no one is exempt from some tumultuous tumbling. The personal, political, and social tossing and turning we are currently experiencing is just the beginning of a much-needed airing and cleaning of some very dirty laundry. It is time for a global cleanse!

Right now I am also cleansing physically, taking certain herbs that help flush out toxins, fungus, and parasites, and avoiding foods that feed them. Subsequently, things are appearing on the surface of my skin and in my stool that are not pretty. That stuff has been inside me and is now being released.

If I didn’t understand how a cleanse proceeds I would be worried. But I know that the process includes gook coming to the surface. Things appear worse before they get better. That is how healing works.

Many governments and corporations are currently in a cleanse as well. Dishonesty that used to be dysfunctioning quite smoothly beneath the world’s radar screen is now getting a public viewing. Social and political systems everywhere are being forced to come in for numerous enemas and colonics, and what is coming out is being splashed all over the headlines for the world to see. Exciting times!

Hurricanes, earthquakes, fires and floods, as well as more personal earth changes like divorce and bankruptcy — many of us are experiencing unprecedented cleansing in our lives. Perhaps it is safe to say that the majority of people on the planet at this time are in some kind of healing crisis, having their cages rattled and their comfort zones penetrated with calamity.

People of all traditions get on their knees to pray, to feel reverence, and to practice humility. Earth changes bring us down there instantaneously. When we are faced with the end of the world as we know it, we realize pretty quickly what really matters in life.

And what comes from hitting bottom, from being brought to our knees? Ask anyone in recovery. They’ll tell you a whole new world.

A time of change need not be a time of fear. It is possible to have inner peace and an unshakable trust in God while everything around us is falling apart. It is possible to abide in a still and safe place inside that cannot be shaken by external events, an inner sanctuary that will stand no matter what unfolds outside of our center.

Looking out from that place, we can be peaceful and even joyful about living in a world that is currently in the washing machine. In his book “Illusions,” Richard Bach reminds us that “What the caterpillar calls the end of the world, the master calls a butterfly.” Our story is far from over . . .

Scott Kalechstein is a modern-day troubadour and inspirational speaker. He travels through the United States, Canada and Europe giving concerts, talks and workshops, as well as presenting at conferences. The two of his CD’s most aligned with the ideas in this article are “Midwives Of The Light” & “Maps For The New World.” See  to sample them. You can e-mail  to receive articles like this one on a bi-monthly basis.

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