HealthyLife.Net Leads Internet Radio Explosion
By Erik Fulkerson



There is a place to get the type of radio we have all been waiting for, and you don’t have to switch a dial. HealthyLife.Net, an Internet station, has been streaming since 2002 and has grown from 40,000 listeners to over 837,000 in 49 countries — all by word of mouth. With this number of listeners the secret is out, and if you are interested in conscious talk with little controversy and no sensationalism, this is the station you have been waiting for.

HealthyLife.Net, radio on the web, is an all-positive talk and music station streaming 24/7 with programming that goes beyond inspiration and motivation. It provides a full gamut of topics on natural health, spirituality, men’s, women’s and children’s issues, pets, conscious business, finance, and even sports.

At recent 2005 National Association of Broadcasting’s RAIN Internet Radio meeting, HealthyLife.Net was found to be one of the leading radio stations for audience size on the Internet and continues to grow by 30-50% per month.

Not a surprise, since with live call-ins, archives and chat room ability, HealthyLife.Net allows listeners to get “up close and personal” with their seasoned-TV, film, radio and national lecturer hosts like Dr. Bernie Siegel, Barbara Marx Hubbard, Jean Houston, Dr. Earl Mindell, Golden Globe Winner Sally Kirkland, author Guy Finley, and many others.

Listeners and advertising dollars are rapidly growing in the Internet market since Internet radio reaches a global market, targets listeners one on one, has actual audience counts (not just polls or surveys), and listeners tend to listen longer since they usually are in the office or at home, so internet radio is more than just drive time in the car.

Started by Linda Mackenzie in 2002, her mission is to eliminate fear, advance positive thought, and encourage the concept that we are all one — all here for the greater good of everyone. Linda, a former telecommunications engineer who designed and implemented data, satellite, telephone and radio networks worldwide for major airlines and Fortune 1000 companies, was also the business owner of several innovative companies, author of three award-winning books and has been a radio host and TV personality since 1995.

Linda saw potential for Inter-net radio in the late 90’s, and in the aftermath of 9/11, through prayer, meditation, and her natural business talent, she decided to become positive energy in action by providing an all-positive Inter-net radio station. Birth was then given to is taking Inter-net radio on the road with the LIVE event, February 4th and 5th, 2006, to be held in the Best Western Sunrise at Redondo Beach Marina, CA. This will be an entertaining event featuring HealthyLife.Net radio hosts who are flying in from around the country so people can connect, have fun and obtain great information, while increasing positive energy on the planet.

Offering a great deal, a 2-day pass is only $20 ($25 at the door) or $15 for a 1-day pass ($20 at the door). Included with admission are 25 lectures, a natural health and inspiration-motivation panel, Choose To be Fit personal workout with Mike Shimon, Drumming with Thunder Hawk, Psychic Ability Unleashed with Linda Mackenzie, Hooked on Knitting with Dr. Linda Hart and more.

Special ticket events include sharing a breakfast buffet and lectures with Sally Kirkland, Guy Finley, Dr. Earl Mindell and others. Special ticket events are $25 in advance.

To listen to HealthyLife.Net or for more information about the event’s featured presenters, work-shops, and special events go to .

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