Be Your Own Guru
By Dr. Scott Peck and Shannon Peck



What if you could be your own guru?

That’s not only possible, but preferable for your spiritual growth. Many of us, seasoned to believe we lack answers, look to others. We are trained to think answers are outside us. And, indeed, we do find many answers outside us — from writers, teachers, friends, groups, and organizations.

We might call these individuals and groups “external gurus” — and we have all been blessed by such gurus in our lives. There is often connection, safety, comfort, and support in receiving answers from others.

But the effect of turning to external gurus for ultimate answers can also sidetrack us from our own innate guru abilities.

For example, it is not uncommon for open-minded seekers to become impressed with spiritual teachers. After all, these teachers are often enlightening and inspiring. Yet, it is also not uncommon for spiritual seekers to experience a loss of self as a result. This often comes from believing someone is better qualified than you to tell you what you need to know, be, or do.

The more we explore the spiritual path, the more we discover the core truth that the highest answers needed for our lives are within us right now.

There is so much wisdom with-in you. Can you imagine turning to this wisdom within and thinking of yourself as your own guru?

No one knows your life, motives, and longings better than you. No one can surpass your own inner voice as the highest resource you have. You already have within you the solution and divine guidance you will need for the rest of your life. You have great ability to manifest as a resource to yourself.

Being your own guru doesn’t preclude reading books, listening to inspiring teachers, or joining organizations. But when you do these things, you can do so to support your own inner guidance. You can constantly check to see if  what you are receiving aligns with your own intuition — your own inner guru.

Here is the crux of why you alone are your very best guru. By trusting your own voice, you develop a personal, direct relationship with your divine Source — with Love, Truth, Light, God — however you define your Source. As we align our thinking and hearts with this Source, we come to know with great clarity our mission, life purpose, and the highest steps to take in our lives. We get intimately acquainted with our highest selfhood. And we can relax in this freedom of such keen inner knowing.

Being guided by your inner guru is empowering. You can, at any time, turn to the voice within and activate your power. Your own inner light is completely sufficient to draw to you the right people, circumstances, and opportunities for all situations.

Perhaps the question now is this: How well do you really know yourself? Self-discovery is vital to your spiritual growth and is a guiding principle on the path to being your own guru. There is no substitution for what you can discover about your essential needs and passions when you go within. And there is so much joy in discovering who we are, our essential uniqueness, and how best to express it.

The secret to a life of inner peace, growth, strength, power, joy, and love is this path of self-discovery. This is something no one else can do for you. The freedom to discover this for yourself is Love’s gift to you. Being your own guru means releasing personal attachments to someone else telling you what to do or how to proceed. What a wonderful path to discover these very answers lie within us!

The more you turn to your own inner guidance system, the more you will find clarity within your core being. And your identity will have more clarity to others too.

We are all advancing spiritually, and at a faster pace, because there is so much more receptivity today. We are all hungry for higher answers. One of those higher answers is that all we need to know to act in our highest behalf is right here within us. Without even knowing you, we stand in admiration of who you are as a guru for yourself. We intuitively know the depth of wisdom within your soul. Welcome to the heart of love!

© Copyright 2005 Scott and Shannon Peck

Dr. Scott Peck and Shannon Peck are Co-founders of TheLoveCenter, a non-profit educational organization dedicated to creating and holding the space for all humanity to live in healing Love. They are authors of “The Love You Deserve,” “Liberating Your Magnificence,” & “All the Love You Could Ever Want!” (audio set). Shannon is also the author of “Love Heals: How to Heal Everything with Love” & the “Love Heals Study Guide.” The Pecks co-host of the nationwide, live, 1-hour call-in show, “Love Talk,” airing on Sirius Radio Channel 114. For lots of love, visit , e-mail , or call (800) 266-1525.

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