Do It . . . Do It Now!
By Lisa Cherney



Itís funny how we think we know who we are ó and then life happens. Itís funny how we think we know how we feel ó and then life happens. What has happened to you lately to make you want to change? What has happened to make you think and act differently? Or, what change are you resisting? Today my message is of hope and faith and realized dreams, of a life that changes as the tides of life change. When we begin to see differently, we often begin to want new things. (And I donít mean a new outfit!) Are you listening to those desires, those whispers?

Life-Changing Decisions

Lately, I decided to listen to one of my desires, even though it seemed to fly in the face of everything I thought I wanted up until that moment. However, it has already enriched my life and my business (since my role as a business coach/consultant is so much about who I am ó a facilitator who helps others to follow their heartís desires). I can see the divine plan.

Iím referring to the miracle of being a mother. More specifically (at this moment), the miracle of carrying a child for ten months (not nine like the rumors say) and feeling her moving inside me, altering my body, altering my spirit and preparing me for her arrival. Because I was willing to change my life, based upon my new desire, I am now a richer person and can serve the world in a new way.

Faith In Yourself

What do you want to be doing ó that you are not doing ó because you think that you need a another credential, course, certification, etc? What knowledge, skills or experience do you have that you are not utilizing? There were so many things I thought I needed to do, have, or be, before becoming a mom, when all I needed was faith in myself and the courage to listen to the ďcallingĒ when the time came.

I have met hundreds of people who dream about helping others, but donít because they donít yet feel ďqualifiedĒ. In fact, that is why I started my business, Conscious Marketing. Are you one of those people? Are you putting off your lifeís work because you think you need a credential, and/or you believe you donít have the money or the time, and therefore you stay put?  

Of course, we need to be careful, conscious and clear with our intentions, but isnít getting started in a small way better then ignoring our desires completely? I became a business coach seven years ago when I finally acknowledged my skills and experience and started calling myself a business coach. And now I coach coaches!

Itís the beginning of a new year. Yes, a whole year has gone by and you still havenít made the changes you have been talking about. The ones you told friends you wanted or maybe you just confided in your journal. Time goes by, life goes by and soon you will look back and have regrets. Worse still, your life will change in a way that makes it impossible to follow your desire. Life-altering experiences can lie just over the horizon.  

What Are You Waiting to Do?

I was fortunate enough to have one of those when I was a teenager. One minute I was sun bathing so I would look good in my Jr. Prom dress and the next minute my dad was telling me my mom had cancer. The mom I argued with that morning over the laundry.

This has shaped my life and more specifically my life timetable. For example, I overcame an addiction at the age of 21 (Iíve now been in ďrecoveryĒ for over 13 years). I got engaged within four months of meeting my husband, when I was just 23 (we have been married now for more than 10 years). At age 24, I moved 3,000 miles from my family to create a new life in California, and left Corporate America at the age of 28 to start my own business. Some people take a lifetime to make these changes.

What are you waiting to do? How about pre-empting that life- altering experience and making the change now? Donít wait for the universe to hit you over the head!

Consider these questions:
* What are you thinking about as you read this article?
* Is it a career change?
* Is it starting a business?
* Is it leaving a relationship?
* Is it being of support to people in a new way?
* Is it changing your body or lifestyle?

Do it, do it now! Take that age-old question to heart, ďWhat would you do this year if this were your last year of life?Ē If you choose to start a business and be your own boss, I am proof that it is worth the effort. I no longer dread Mondays and live for weekends. Recently, I was actually ready to come home from vacation! I truly feel fulfilled by my work. And  choose my life today. What do you choose?

Lisa Cherney is a Business Intuitive and Founder of Conscious MarketingTM. Her interactive audio products and books will help you find the perfect words for your marketing so you can create a business you love and income you deserve. Conscious Marketing also offers one-on-one coaching and workshops. Call (888) 771-0156 for more details or visit the website at:  

©2005 Lisa Cherney

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