2006 Conscious Life Expo
By Randy Peyser



The 4th Annual Conscious Life Expo Conference and Celebration takes place February 10-12 at the Los Angeles Airport Hilton. As the premier Mind/Body/Spirit event in Southern California, this year’s expo showcases some of our long- time, favorite authors, such as Terry Cole-Whittaker who will speak on “21 Days to Personal Riches” and her “21 Day Weight Loss Plan”; Dannion Brinkley, who will discuss his new best seller, “The Secrets of the Light,” Richard Hoagland, and Sean David Morton, writer and star of  “The Prophecy Of The Pyramid”.

New to the Expo is a Spiritual Cinema Festival, which will feature a preview of “The Celestine Prophecy,” the new movie based on the mega-bestseller by James Redfield, followed by a workshop with Redfield. Two panels on “Transforming Hollywood” will be offered. The Institute of Spiritual Cinema Los Angeles, a non-profit networking organization with the aim to create enlightenment though filmmaking, will be moderating a panel.

Screenwriter, editor and documentary filmmaker, Celeste Adams will be moderating a panel on “Creating The New Millennium Story”. Cinemagoers will also have a chance to meet David Brownstein, an award-winning screenwriter and filmmaker who has coached executives at ABC Television, E! Entertainment, Disney Studios, MTV Networks, and elsewhere.

Brownstein, who will be leading a “New Year’s Evolution Workshop” on Jan. 7 and 14 in downtown LA ( www.hollywood-coaching.com ), will be speaking on “A Course in Hollywood Miracles”. Anyone involved in the entertainment industry who holds a higher vision for a better world, will appreciate Brown-stein’s talk about how to incorporate metaphysical principals into one’s Hollywood career. Brown-stein will demonstrate how to apply metaphysical concepts to the real-world laboratory of day-to-day Hollywood, including aspects concerning project development, creation, financing, production, marketing and distribution.

In addition, attendees will have an opportunity to experience the ever-charismatic, Reverend Michael Beckwith and the Agape Choir, who will bring the house down with their soulful spirit music on Friday. Cindy Sheehan, whose encampment at George Bush’s Texas ranch caused a national controversy, will be speaking on the “Spiritually Progressive Panel” on Saturday. Additional speakers include Richard Hoagland and Filmaker/Area 51 Expert, Sean David Morton. Their panels include “Countdown to 2012”, UFOs and more.

Another notable is Randy Peyser, author of the upcoming book, “Miracle Thinking”. After interviewing scores of individuals who have experienced miracles, Peyser has isolated the attitudes, beliefs, and thoughts each of these people held which allowed their miracles to occur. Most importantly, she will tell you the most important factor she discovered that kinks up the “Universal Hose,” preventing energy from flowing forward and giving us whatever it is we want in our lives.

In addition, Sri Ram Kaa, author of “Sacred Union” will speak, along with Kira Raa, about how joy is a choice and how to hold peace and joy in the turbulent times ahead. They will also share how the Archangelic realm is active and available to guide us.

Also on hand will be Robert Silverstone, founder of “the GROW Principle.” GROW is an acronym for Gratitude, Release, Openness and Willingness. Silver-stone, who will be leading a retreat, Jan. 21-22 at Temescal Canyon in The Pacific Palisades by Malibu, ( www.inthemoment.net ), uses the power of words and focus of the present moment to bring about growth, transformation and self-mastery. One of the unique gifts of his system is that he provides a simple formula to embrace growth and change in small, manageable pieces.

The Expo is sponsoring The Valentine’s Singles Connection, a singles mixer on February 13. Dating expert, Kathryn Alice, will lead guided interactions, dancing, and teach new skills with an emphasis on dating spiritually and free mixing time. 100 conscious singles are expected.

The event will begin with hors d’oeuvres and an elixir bar at 6 p.m., followed by the mixer/workshop from 7-10 p.m. Prepaid $30, walk-in $35. Kathryn will also be giving a talk on Sat. during the Expo at 7 p.m., called “Five Steps to Your Soulmate” .

These events and many of its speakers will be presented on major radio programs, including George Noory’s “Coast to Coast” and Lisa Garr’s “The Aware Show” on KPFK.

 The Conscious Life Expo will also be sponsoring the first in a series of tours. According to Robert Quicksilver, Conscious Life Expo founder, the tour entitled, “The King and I: A Sacred journey to Siam”, will make its way to South Asia in November 2006. Participants will experience authentic Thai Massage, take an elephant ride, visit a famous monk to receive a blessing and meditation, experience classical Thai dance, and visit Mae Chee Sansanee (the Mother Teresa of Thailand).

If we are to participate in the conscious evolution of our world, we must gather the Tribe. The Conscious Life Expo is a chance to deepen our connection with one another and the world. Combined with good food, hundreds of leading-edge exhibits, and great fun, this year’s Expo promises to be an enlightening event, as we celebrate the evolution of a kinder and more loving, global community.

Mary Murphy, is co-producer of the Conscious Life Expo. For more information (800) 367-5777 or visit www.consciouslifeexpo.com

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