How to Meditate With Your Dog
An Introduction to Meditation for Dog Lovers
By James Jacobson
I am so very happy someone is writing about animals having much to teach us, if we would only respect their higher intelligence and listen! That is what author James Jacobson has done and shared in this charming short book about his evolved dog, Maui, a cute Maltese, whose presence and example led James to the revelation that your dog can not only help you meditate, but can also help improve your life and health immeasurably.  

James has meditated for years and has incorporated the love of his life, Maui, into his daily meditation practice. Together, through meditation, they have brought each other a new “leash” on life.

James’ tips on how to meditate with your dog seem practical and easy. His “tails” and experiences with Maui will amuse and interest the reader. It becomes clear that dogs are natural meditators, unlike humans. Here is yet another way in which animals enrich our life. This book is a great gift for dog/animal lovers.

Published by Maui Media, LLC, this book is available at your local bookstore or at the website:
Reviewed by Kathy DeSantis


Radical Common Sense
and Reclaiming Our Personal Sovereignty
By Marilyn Ferguson
Common sense is a way of being in the world. It is the ability to think freshly and purposefully. It is not what we know, but how we know it. Radical common sense is common sense that is deliberately encouraged and applied. Unfortunately, as a society, we don’t have the time, resource and determination to make any commitment to make it happen.

Author Marilyn Ferguson is considered to be a sage, cultural midwife and one of the founders of the New Age movement by her contemporaries. “Aquarius Now” is a continuation of her 1980 best-seller “The Aquarian Conspiracy”, considered to be the Bible of the consciousness movement.

Radical common sense proposes that “plain old good sense” is not enough. Historical and mythical warriors find strength and integrity by defeating their inner demons. The warrior is committed to a cause as a protector. We, individually and as a society, are responsible for and capable of creating a better future. Fergu-son’s thinking makes us an ally with nature, moving in harmony with, rather than against it.

Published by Red Wheel.Weiser.Conari, this book is available at your local bookstore or at
Reviewed by Sonia von Matt Stoddard

Let Go and Live Your Dream
By Aleta St. James  
Aleta St. James is most recently recognized as being the oldest American woman to give birth to twins at age 57. She shows us that no dream is too big or unattainable. Considered to be at the lead-ing edge in her field of energy medicine, she shares her secrets as well as her experiences as an emotional healer and life coach. Her sensitive and practical approach shows readers how to transform negativity into joy and fulfillment.

The premise of this book is that most contemporary women have neglected their female energy. They are competing in an Alpha Male world, focused on action, determination and self-reliance. Unfortunately, this creates disharmony. By sharing her dramatic story as inspiration, including journal excerpts from her many travels, St. James counsels women to reconnect with their equally valuable feminine powers and energies to bring forth a complement, and not necessarily a competition, of natural power. By doing so, modern woman now becomes a Magnetic Female and not the Alpha Female opposite the Alpha Male.

The author includes a compassionate and understanding look at contemporary women and the challenges they face. She introduces and walks us through the “Life Shift Toolkit” which is a step-by-step approach to success. This kit includes power prayers, mantras, energy baths, color healing, light therapy, regenerative organic breathing and other physical and mental exercises.

She helps the reader to identify their basic desires, then achieve them with a natural, feminine balance. She teaches us how to harmonize our Alpha Female energies with Magnetic Female energies of receptivity, softness and intuition which realigns the modern woman to a more natural, happy, harmonious state of being.

Published by Fireside Books, a division of Simon & Schuster, this book is available at your local bookstore or at the website:
Reviewed by Sonia von Matt Stoddard


What Makes a Strong Woman?
101 Insights from Some Remarkable Women
By Helene Lerner
This book is entirely dedicated to answering the title question  “What Makes a Strong Woman?”  This question was posted on author Helene Lerner’s website at:  and was answered by women everywhere from all professions and passions. Compilation of these responses led to the creation of this book presenting a united voice of empowerment for women. Each chosen response is given its own page in this short-sized book which presents some amazingly unique and powerful insights. For example:

“A strong woman inspires others. She moves through her days with a determination to get things done and an understanding that she can do all things — but not all in one day.”
— Kathleen Blanco, Governor, State of Louisiana

“The true measure of a strong woman is how well she gets back up after being kicked down, how she learns from failure, makes improvements and shares her experiences.”
 — Debra Myatt, Director, Health and Safety Services, American Red Cross

The author is a remarkable woman herself, as a former columnist for New Woman and the New York Post. She is CEO of Creative Expansions, Inc., a health and empowerment advocacy group, and has hosted Emmy Award-winning television programs on topics ranging from heart disease to the challenges facing professional women today. Lerner also manages the popular website:

Published by Andrews McNeel Publishing, this book is available in your local bookstore.
Reviewed by Kathy DeSantis

Dr. Dale’s 7 Steps to A Happier, Healthier & Sexier You
By Theresa Dale, Ph.D., N.D.
Hormones play a role in nearly every medical condition that exists. In today’s world, women are often prescribed hormones instead of taking the steps necessary to discover the cause. Unfortunately, the hormone therapy not only fails to alleviate the original problem, but creates an increased risk for heart attack, stroke and breast cancer, as well as other maladies.

Author Dr. Dale, Naturopathic Doctor and Certified Clinical Nutritionist, gives us her safe, non-toxic program for helping men and women restore the balance of their hormone levels. She explains how tools for hormonal regeneration are already within our bodies. She gives us her complete 7-step program along with individualized nutrition and exercise guidelines.

This book is filled with self-assessments and questionnaires, checklists, facts and figures that connect us with the symptoms, moods, lifestyle and nutrition. All of the approaches she describes are natural and can be accomplished without the supervision of a physician. After an overview of hormone replacement therapy, the program starts with a discussion and practical instructions on detoxification for our body and lymph system. This includes our nutrition and the air we breathe.

Next, Dr. Dale makes in-depth recommendations for diet and nutrition. She reviews revitalization strategies, guidelines for hormone rejuvenation, emotional assessments, an overview of homeopathic solutions and an action plan for effecting your own healing program as well as gauging your progress along the way.

Finally, the book ends with some really delicious, easy-to-make recipes for healthful and nourishing foods, along with an extensive resource guide.

Published by John Wiley & Sons, Inc., this book is available at your local bookstore.
Reviewed by Sonia von Matt Stoddard

Essential Wisdom for Your Journey
By Joan Borysenko, Ph.D. and Gordon Dveirin, Ed.D.
This book is aptly titled as essential wisdom for your journey. It will convince you change is good. It will show you how to recognize and embrace change, as well as how to work with it to create a better self. Based on the couple’s seminar on the wisdom of change, it incorporates a tremendous number of real-life examples, which illustrate that we must trust our inner experiences as they unfold.

Borysenko and Dveirin are fabulous educators. Their advice is fresh, uncomplicated and very detailed, so much so, that by the time you finish the chapter you will “get it”. Then, most chapters offer a “reader’s reflection” section with questions the authors pose related to the chapter, and an exercise for the reader to complete.

Chapters cover concepts such as coyote vision, the stuff in our lives that continues to appear and reappear, and that we tend to ignore. Also included are discussions on faith, blame, letting go, moving on and finding your vision in life. Finally, there is a short but lovely section on essential wisdoms such as initiation, pain, loss, transition, impermanence, true nature and self-reflection.

To top it off, the book comes with a meditation CD, the contents of which are also in print. In just about 20 minutes it gently guides you through a great exercise on mindful presence and is a wonderful tool to help you learn as you reflect on each chapter.

Published by Hay House, this book is currently available at
Reviewed by Sonia von Matt Stoddard

God Wears Lipstick
Kabbalah for Women
By Karen Berg
From her strong-willed youth, Karen Berg surrendered to the wisdom of what is called the teachings of Kabbalah. In 1968, this was only taught to scholarly Jewish men over 40. Karen decided that this had gone on long enough. Applying her strong will to a good cause, she insisted it be made available to all people.

Along with her life partner, Rav Berg, they opened the doors on this esoteric form of spiritual principles. The passionate collaboration of these two visionary pioneers made its mark, opening the door on an ancient wisdom, bringing the bread of spiritual plenty, Kabbalah, to the public.

Karen Berg is a powerhouse of passion and spiritual will. Her first book, “God Wears Lipstick”, is written in a warm, down-to-earth style that accurately captures Karen’s directed focus. Acknowledging the spiritual power with which women are born, she reminds us of both our potency and responsibility.

Karen lucidly outlines a woman’s role as wholly equal to men in creation and manifestation: “The feminine is the receptive element in Creation. She is the vessel. Without the vessel, there cannot be Light. It is the female who brings Light into the home, manifesting all the energy and putting it in its place, and helping others grow. Women are the nourishers of the world, and as such, the messengers of God. Now is the time when women must have the tools to help all of us manifest more Light in the world.”

A Kabbalistic beacon of light, this book provides a set of tools for the challenges in daily life. With graceful simplicity, Karen has provided an abundant offering of the wisdom inherent in Kabbalah while sharing her own story of a true calling.

Published by Kabbalah Publishing, this book is available at your local bookstore, or at
Reviewed by Donna Strong


Embracing Your Power Woman  
Coming of Age in the Second Half of Life
By Barbara Wilder
Author Barbara Wilder believes that women born between 1946 and 1964 are in the process of developing a new stage of life, the Power Woman stage. The Power Woman has her genesis somewhere in her forties due to the beginning of peri-menopause infusing women with a potent new spark of energy, intuition and wisdom, igniting our imaginations and fueling our willingness to make needed changes.

“Embracing Your Power Woman” presents the Eleven Points of Power, exploring the mythic roots of women’s wisdom and power, and offers concrete ways for women to question and challenge traditional expectations and outdated roles.

This book is meant for the woman who is ready to brave her destiny by moving toward her own empowerment. She will find friendly assistance and comfort in Wilder’s book in relearning that there is no “right way” to become successful and secure in the second half of life. The emphasis is how to follow our intuitive system that leads to the changes we must make to discover purpose and a new sense of freedom.

An uplifting “course in power”,  the book is filled with essays, anecdotes, mythology, spirituality and weekly exercises. The reader is gently guided with practicality, warmth, intelligence and encouragement to embrace and accept her creative next step, and to become the Power Woman she has the potential to be.

Published by Wild Ox Press, this book is available at your local bookstore and
Reviewed by Kathy DeSantis

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