Women of Honour
Sedona Artist Shares His Paintings of Divine Feminine Energy
By Ellen Laura



Paul Lawrence Curtis is an artist living in Sedona, AZ, with a potent message for women. “If we lose our connection to the divine feminine energy, we risk accepting social and political rules, and laws which are detached from our spiritual soul consciousness. We substitute politically-correct thinking for the true meaning and purpose of our lives. This produces masses of people who are predictable and controllable. We lose the will to be individual, autonomous, freethinking, creative people. We feel like we are dying inside. We don’t know why because we have done everything our culture, religion and parents said would bring us happiness, and yet something is missing. The divine feminine energy is the key to opening the door to gain the wisdom and joy that has eluded us.”

Paul Lawrence painted the “Women of Honour” series to celebrate and honor women as goddesses and to reawaken the divine feminine principle in all beings. The 16 acrylic paintings embody the feminine power, beauty and sensuality of women. It is important for wo-men to be surrounded by sacred art images to evoke the qualities of strength, courage, wisdom and mag-nificence.

Michelle Hicks, a Las Vegas resident, shared her experience after seeing the paintings. “It is my belief that we no longer need to learn from pain and suffering. That is the old way and it is time to learn from knowledge and pleasure. As soon as I saw the series I was uplifted and felt my own feminine power calling to me, encouraging me to reveal my sensuality and radiance. I decided to purchase one of the giclée [zhee-CLAY] prints called, Keeper of the Sword, so I would have this feminine archetype in my home as reminder of my own true stature.”

In an interview with Paul Lawrence, he expands on his inspiration for the series and the positive changes in his own life. “Five years in production, this series of paintings has changed my life. It helped me to remove old, genetically-held belief systems that trapped me into unconscious and problematic relationships with women. The series began with three paintings of nude women that I had been inspired to paint, which, upon completion, left me with a sense of something not being quite right. Then several months later, while watching The Mists of Avalon, an HBO special, I realized why.

“I instinctively knew I was being called to embark upon the most important project of my life: a goddess series that would fully celebrate and honor women in a way previously unknown to me. I agreed to this request from my higher self and immediately began painting over the three nudes with Arthurian-style clothing and adding backgrounds incorporating Stonehenge, England and Cathedral Rock in Sedona — my modern-day Camelot.

“While painting the series, I attended a special Celtic festival in Flagstaff, Ariz., where I purchased a beautiful sword emblazoned with dragons on its hilt and Celtic symbols on its blade. I felt like I was being gifted with this once warriorlike fighting instrument, which was now to be used within my goddess series as a healing tool for women and men. I was excited and eager to continue painting. I had a new zest for my own learning and a strong desire to celebrate all women as best my talent would allow.

“It seemed to me that for too long most major religious groups around the world had either ostracized women or reduced them to second-class citizens. Claiming this to be the word of their gods (how easily men twist spiritual teaching to suit their own sexist desires), they disconnected themselves from the very female principle that is naturally there to inspire all creation. This, in turn, left us with empty, unfulfilled societies that understand male domination — money, power, greed and a philosophy of ‘win at all costs, no matter what the price.’ Many men are now feeling the need to address this issue and return the power of the divine feminine to its truthful status. This would return our lives back into natural balance, create a world where true equality exists and where we are proud to teach our children the value of love, honor and respect.

“Within these 16 paintings lies the power of the divine feminine, strengthening and uniting the bond of sisterhood in oneness. Each painting carries the sword of truth as a healing tool that re-awakens the male (symbolized by the dragon), calling him back into his oneness, through understanding and acknowledging the divine feminine within himself and the whole of creation. Some men may be afraid of this oneness, thinking women will want to avenge all the wrong that has been perpetrated upon them by punishing men. This, of course, is male-dominated thinking that is out of natural alignment. The divine feminine is truly nurturing and will simply and joyfully welcome men back into this natural state, knowing it to be the only way to move forward into a world of peace and harmony.

“‘The Women of Honour’ series is my contribution to our planet’s natural evolution. Healthy sexuality is one of the most transforming, energizing and freeing forces within us. When we deal with issues of power and sexuality, all aspects of our self will experience the opportunity for self-growth and development. Change often brings chaos into our lives and the divine feminine naturally guides us through chaos into creativity. The feminine aspect allows us to tap into the universal life force energy of creation and actualization. What we choose to actualize is a reflection of our courage and artistic originality as sacred human beings.”

Lawrence continues, “This series celebrates sacred sexuality, the birthing of human life through the grail of the mother’s womb, and all stages of girl to woman to wise crone. It encompasses all four seasons and the inclusion of male energy where appropriate, therefore honoring and protecting the sacred balance. “Over the past five years, I have set up several interesting, joy-filled photographic sessions involving many of my male and female friends in Sedona, which I then translated into individual paintings. Throughout this process, I have found myself learning more about the truth that accompanies honoring women, which, in turn, has inspired more and more symbolism within the paintings, and by honoring the goddess in wo-men, she honors me back with inspiration —it’s a win/win experience.

“I was extremely proud to present my ‘Women of Honour’ series for the first time in Sedona (its grail birthplace) on February 13, 2004. The synchronicity here is that I wanted to honor my sister, Lynn Curtis, who had passed away two years ago after a long battle with cancer. When I went to book the room for the event, the only date available was February 13 — my sister’s birthday. This was another confirmation from the divine feminine that the series would begin with magic and continue to unfold in miraculous ways.

“The originals of this series are not for sale as I am offering them to be exhibited in various international locations with the intent to bring this sacred art to humanity. I will accompany the paintings, offering evening lectures and day or weekend workshops focusing on the divine feminine within all beings. [Limited edition] giclée prints and smaller, window-mounted prints are available for purchase.

The series has a life force all its own, and I therefore simply await guidance from my own divine feminine as to what, how and where to act next. This process activates my divine masculine, thus creating the true marriage of the male and female. This dynamic occurs in the same way in all beings when divine guidance is honored. I offer this series in love and joy to all beings,” says Lawrence.

Giclée prints of the “Women of Honour” series are available by contacting Paul Lawrence Curtis at (928) 203-0551 or by
e-mail at: lawrence@sedona.net ; or visit the website displaying the entire series and his other artwork at: www.lawrencecurtis.com.

Ellen Laura is an author and transformational coach. She has traveled extensively lecturing on health and spiritual attainment. Her business, Triumph Coaching, creates enlightened strategies for individuals and companies. Call (702) 593-3550, or visit websites www.triumphcoaching.com  or  www.advancedlearninggroup.org.
Copyright 2004, Ellen Laura    

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