Their Lies / Her Story
By Audrey Hope



Circling with her through time and tears and talks, she begins to sound the same path. No matter where she began, where she was born, or with whom she walks, she tells the same story. Through language and neighborhood, across culture and customs — Always the same story. Her story.

It is a triumphant tale. It is a challenging tale. It is sad. It is amazing — the rape of her soul to her resurrection. Losing to find. Applaud her. She deserves it.

She has overcome the once upon a time she was a goddess, beautiful and strong, and men were kings who knew how to honor her gifts. Until one day, they grew scared of her power and fooled her into believing she was weak and it was all her fault. Slow and steady, they crafted a wrong story and robbed her role models. It was the deadliest of weapons, the worst of crimes — implanting self-doubt in her veins to keep her quiet.

So she kept her secret fire, her armored essence in a cave and cried through the centuries, in pain, but mostly for the loss of herself. Till finally, exhausted and spent from the endless days of trying to hide her inadequacy, she falls to the ground, bellowing a rage not heard by human ears — “whom have I been listening to?  Certainly not the truth that burns inside my own breasts.”  

And she screams, “ NO MORE. ENOUGH. NO MORE LIES. Mine is a goddess heart that beats to the breath of the divine, that loves like the gentleness of the angels, that knows the power of magic to challenge all the hate in the land.”

In this story, they underestimated the spark of light in her being that could never die. They forgot that she would remember her ancient destiny, that one day she would discover the truth and her voice, and would roar again like a lioness and save the world. And in her victory, she would fall again to her knees, but this time with gratitude for the beauty of her soul — now found — that cost such a high price, and was worth it.

This is her true story, her personal quest to meet herself. Women waking up. WOMEN WAKE UP. You don’t need anyone to change the world, the men, the government. Just know your light. So you can reclaim your spirit, and tell someone, and they can tell their friends, and their friends can tell the world. And soon, the lies in history books and the media, and the magazines, and the TV, won’t carry the force to keep us hating ourselves.

Instead, the royal truth shall reign — that women are and always were, and always will be the healing elixir for the planet. This is the true story. Her story. About a beautiful queen who took back her throne.

Audrey Hope is the spiritual counselor at Passages Rehab in Malibu, and is the host/producer of REAL WOMEN, an international award-winning talk show dedicated to life-altering perspectives

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