On Reconnective  Healing®
By Robert Ross



“At our core is a design of perfection. Over the past thousands of years, we have drifted from that perfect design. Reconnective Healing reactivates that design — allows it to come through. Allows the frequencies from within to flow out, to connect or reconnect as it may be, with the universe.”
                    — Rhonda Turner,
                    Reconnective Healer

A few minutes after lying on the massage table, I felt the heat of Rhonda’s hands close to my face, as though she were holding a hot coal inches from my skin. Shortly  thereafter, I began drifting off into a semi-sleep state, on the edge  — that place where the breath changes to a quiet snore. I would hear  myself quietly snoring, then nudge my consciousness back, ever so slightly, to that non-sleep state. I knew if  I were to let go consciously, I would be in a very deep sleep. So, I stayed conscious, a silent observer, while Rhonda worked her magic.

The drive from San Diego to Huntington Beach, in Orange County, was long. It was the Thanksgiving day weekend, and travelers were out in full force. The sky was dark and the clouds threatened rain. Occasionally I would flip on the windshield wipers to clear off the light drizzle. It was bumper-to-bumper traffic, stop and go. I worried about arriving on time for my healing appointment with Rhonda. As my engine idled at the many stops I encountered on the freeway, my thoughts would drift to the healing I was soon to experience.

A few days earlier, I was reading the ad for Reconnective Healing. “Reconnect to the Source” the ad said. It continued, “A life-changing experience,”  “You will be operating at and attuned to a higher frequency than ever before.”  It all sounded a bit vague, but I was curious.

As a part of my research, I visited the Reconnective Healing web-site at  to find out more. According to the website, “Reconnective Healing is a form of healing that is here on the planet for the very first time." Hum... I had thought to myself.  Continuing on, the ad stated “It reconnects us to the fullness of the universe as it reconnects us to the fullness of our beings and of who we are.”  I’ll be the first to admit that reconnecting to the fullness of the universe sounds nice, almost too nice, but for me, the truth is in the pudding. So, via phone and e-mail, I arranged to have a session with Rhonda.

In spite of the light rain and stop-and-go traffic from San Diego to Huntington Beach, I managed to arrive for my afternoon appointment on time.

Rhonda’s office is on the third floor of a bank building in a nondescript area of Huntington Beach. After meeting her, we toured the office area — which included a kitchenette, a nice addition to anyone’s office.

For me, as a client, the Reconnective Healing process was straightforward. You lie down on a massage table, face up, and fully clothed. A cushion was placed under my knees for comfort. With new age music playing in the background, the lights were turned down and I was instructed to become an observer of sorts and to keep my eyes closed, in order not to become distracted. Rhonda used her hands to work with, enhance and facilitate my frequencies. Although the practitioner’s hands may come close to the client’s body, there is no physical touching involved.

Dr. Eric Pearl        
Dr. Pearl is the founder of Reconnective Healing. His book (The Reconnection, Heal Others, Heal Yourself) was published in 2001. The book (and website) describes Dr. Pearl as a highly-successful chiropractor who went through a fascinating transformation involving a gypsy card reader on Venice beach. The bottom line was, in 1993 some of Dr. Pearl’s patients “reported that they felt his hands on them — even though he hadn’t physically touched them.”  

When this ability first surfaced in Dr. Pearl, his palms blistered and bled as he worked with patients. Again, according to the website: “Patients soon began seeing angels and reporting miraculous healings from cancers, AIDS-related diseases, Chronic Fatigue Syndrome, birth disfigurements, cerebral palsy, and other serious afflictions. All this occurred when Dr. Pearl simply held his hands near them.”

Dr. Pearl now runs workshops worldwide to teach others these healing techniques.

Rhonda Turner
Rhonda Turner got involved with Reconnective Healing through a serious health problem she was having. According to Rhonda “I had been off work for nine months with a serious heart condition. I saw Dr. Eric Pearl, the original facilitator of these new higher frequencies of healing on television, and was drawn to him to heal my heart condition. When I called, I was told he was booked up for a year and I couldn’t wait that long. His secretary told me he was busy teaching others how to do this work and that the practitioners he trained would be able to help me as well as he could. I didn’t quite believe that but decided to give it a try.

In my second session a beautiful Being stood beside the table and told me my heart was healed and I could go off the medication. At that instant I felt the life force flow back into me and I knew it was true. After a few more sessions and the Personal Reconnection(TM) I went to my cardiologist to be checked out. He gave me a clean bill of health and told me how to slowly get off the medication. It has been over two years and I am still doing great.”

The Session
My session with Rhonda lasted about forty-five minutes, plus an additional fifteen minutes to come back to reality, so to speak. For me, not having any particular health ailments, the session was enlightening, both on a cerebral and physical level. I was able to experience the process, get a sense of its potentials and later, reflect on its ramifications. Rhonda Turner is an experienced healer, setting the appropriate tone while taking one through the process. She inspired trust which permitted me to “let go” and surrender to the experience.

Experiencing Reconnective Healing left me yearning to know more about the process. How does it heal? What are these frequencies mentioned so often in reference to this process? How did Rhonda’s hands get so warm so fast?

During my post-healing discussions with Rhonda, she stated as a recipient of Reconnective Healing, I “easily let go which allowed energy to flow out.”  And, that my energy was “peaceful energy.”  We also discussed Personal Reconnection (TM) which is a two-day healing process. It sounded very intriguing.

On the drive back to San Diego I reflected on my experience. It was fascinating, to say the least. I also  found myself looking forward to the two-day Personal Reconnection healing experience. Something to look forward to in the new year ahead!

Rhonda Turner can be reached at , or by phone at (714) 614-4581.

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