Raw Truth For Dogs
By Laura Lacy



Progressive dog owners and veterinarians have long touted using their pets’ evolutionary roots — specifically the practice of feeding a raw meat diet — as the nutritional key to better health and longevity. But many found the potential health risks and difficulty involved in preparing raw meat diets simply too challenging. Natura Pet Products, the world’s leading manufacturer of healthy pet food, announces INNOVA EVO, the first dry dog food that closely mimics the nutritional attributes of a raw food diet without the health risks or hassle.

 The goal in creating INNOVA EVO was to closely approximate the ingredients, nutritional profile and feeding benefits of the typical raw food diet in a safe, sanitary, nutritionally complete, and lower cost manner. “For years we have recognized the health benefits of a raw food diet, but have been reluctant to strongly recommend pet owners adopt it for fear of exposing their family to potentially dangerous bacteria,” states Dr. Wendell Belfield, a nationally-recognized veterinarian and consultant to Natura Pet Products. “The ingredients in INNOVA EVO are as close to a raw food dog diet as you can get — providing your dog with a tremendous nutritional boost without compromising your family’s health.”

For raw feeders, EVO acts as a new alternative when it is just not convenient to feed a raw meal. Also, because INNOVA EVO is made up of only 12% carbohydrates and is completely grain free, it is a good choice for pet owners who seek to feed their dogs a low-carb diet. INNOVA EVO contains the highest amount of high-quality cuts of meats of any dry dog food along with a mixture of fresh fruit and vegetables — for truly balanced meals, naturally. Pre and probiotics are then added, providing a direct benefit to your dog’s digestive tract and immunity.

INNOVA EVO also costs far less than a conventional raw food diet. “Our goal in developing INNOVA EVO was to provide pet lovers with a high-quality, convenient, safe and affordable alternative to a raw food diet,” states Peter Atkins, Vice President of Natura Pet Products.

Founded fifteen years ago by John and Ann Rademakers and Peter Atkins, Natura is recognized as the most trusted name behind the healthiest dog and cat food products in the world. Natura’s products are formulated, manufactured, and prepared at human grade levels. Their lines include: INNOVA, CALIFORNIA NATURAL, HEALTHWISE, KARMA, and INNOVA EVO.

For more information please visit www.naturapet.com or call (800) 532-7261.

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