Tips on Keeping Mind and Body Young
By Jesse Anson Dawn

Jesse Anson Dawn (at age 60), author of the national award-winning book, Never “Old”,  plus The Rejuvenator’s Bible, speaks out about a most stirring subject: how to counteract the unwanted effects of “aging”.

Presently answering the question: “How do politics affect our aging?”

Dear Readers,  
With an upsurge of the politics/religion connection, a force bent on dragging our national consciousness back to the torture and tyranny of the “Middle Ages,” there inevitably comes an upsurge of mind/body dilemma, especially in the U.S.

All of which may bring many of us back to some serious soul-searching, an inner-going-further-inward-and then-back-outward journey that sparks me to say:

Although the defeat of John Kerry was a painful shock to all of us who believe in peace and justice, let us not be defeatist.

At least there were many conscious States (the West Coast and Hawaii included) that voted in a progressive and conscientious direction.

But justly so, many of us are still asking: were the results rigged by voting computer giants such as Diebold Inc., a company which swore and donated their allegiance to wrong-headed Bush? Probably. But it seems we may never know the truth about that. Certainly the results in Ohio didn’t reflect the Kerry supporters who lined up for blocks in the cold Cleveland rain to vote for change-in-the-making.

Meanwhile, warm and cozy (but aging-by-the minute?) Ohio Secretary of State Kenneth Blackwell led the Bush re-election (rig-election?) efforts (safely?) behind an office desk. As Ohio, so it seems, fell to spirit-body decadence, fell to the woeful, war-mongering ways of the dumbing-down of America.

Nevertheless, can we still hope to change the dumb-and-dumber process that refuses to learn and thus perpetuates the same old mistakes? I think we can uplift ourselves from the tendency to ignore the ways of truth.

I also think it’s time to read more, do more, and communicate with more people instead of being addicted to the same old belittling confusion and violence of the TV-trap, the trap that rules too much of our elections and national consciousness and joy.

Indeed, the more we realize the woes of Murder and Confusion Incorporated, the more we realize the love of truth and peace within ourselves.

As again I go back to the mind’s body and its potent messages, these messages that are not necessarily “opinions” like so much of the so-called “news” blasted on the TubeView.

Or as the sagely George Bernard Shaw (who was still writing good books and plays at 92) was known to say: “If you leave the smallest corner of your head vacant for a moment, other people’s opinions will rush in from all quarters.”

Especially powerful these days are the opinions of the right-wing media, snickering as they take joy in exaggerating and scoffing the “liberals” of the so-called “liberal” media (a faction which at this point seems barely evident in the “news,” except for the fact that we seem to be obviously part of a better history).

WHAT “liberal” media? is what I keep asking about the current TubeView-land scenario.

All of which has again driven me away from that greedily jangling TV-world and back to reading some good books again, especially the ones that help me with:

Surely one of the best things about the creative psychology approach to rejuvenation is it doesn’t take a disconnected “ivory tower” look at life, but just the opposite. Not one to fall for the “dumbing down” version of reality, sagely futurist Marshall McLuhan let us know that:

“To prevent undue wreckage, the artist needs now to move from the ivory tower to the control tower of society.”

For it’s a “control tower” attitude which has always stirred creativity — stirred such as Walt Whitman to communicate his poetry even to presidents and senators — Whitman whose “Song of Myself” spoke of a “body electric” several decades before electricity came into common use.

But Whitman’s approach to electricity focuses on how it is SPIRITUALLY generated, focuses on how he and fellow poets such as Ralph Waldo Emerson intensified spirit by traveling the path which Emerson called “finding good within.” For it is within where we find the electricity of the mind, where we find the Song of Oneself, inwardly looking for the kind of uplifting inspiration which guided such positive souls as Emerson, Whitman, Balzac or Blake.

Indeed, despite the lack of truthfulness, compassion and soul apparent in so many “elected” officials, it remains our duty to be intelligent rulers of our own mind/body destiny, for that is all we really have to give the world our best.

And so may I wish all conscious (and even unconscious) people a conscious New Year, a year filled with positivity DESPITE these politically-negative and challenging times. For above all the lies and violence, it is only what we learn with pleasure that we never forget...

For the whole self-renewal story, Jesse Dawn’s (Pulitzer Prize nominated) 258-page book, Never “Old”, can be received free of charge by purchasing his new book, “The Rejuvenator’s Bible: Working Ways to Create Perpetual Youth Naturally” (237 pages) for the retail price of $15. To receive both books for the price of one, call World Changing Books at (800) 736-3922 and order with Visa or MC, or send a check payable to World Changing Books, POB 5491, Hilo, HI 96720. ($15 includes books, plus free 1st class postage) Or order by e-mail at  Also check

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