The Catalyst in Achieving Your Dream
By Allison Maslan, RSHom(NA), CCH



We all remember our enchanting childhood dreams. Envisioning ourselves all grown up in an exciting line of work. I remember my brother desperately wanted to be a garbage man. So much so that he sat on the curb every week, waiting for that rrrhhhh sounding beauty of a truck to turn our corner. As for Moi’, I loved to imagine being a ballet dancer living in a Parisian Chateau. Well, you won’t find me donning a tutu, yet after some twists and turns in the school of life, I have created a spirited and gratifying career as a Homeopathic Practitioner.

Like most of us, my original career choice was not my true calling. Rather, it was based on early childhood expectations and a strong fear of poverty. While I had enough money to pay my rent, I also dreaded going to work every day. Sound familiar? I knew something was missing on this career path. I was just not sure what that something was!

Call it synchronicity or call it fate, but just when I thought I couldn’t take one more day of my job, a friend recommended that I visit with a Homeopath. And even though I had no idea what Homeopathic Medicine was, I knew that I needed to make a change. Looking back, this was the turning point into a whole new life. Homeopathy opened the door to my heart, soul and mind. The carefully-selected remedy that matched my state literally removed my fears and doubts and replaced them with a strong sense of clarity. The result: a return to my true self.

This powerful healing system shifted my imbalanced perspective and acted as a catalyst to uncover the courage buried deep within. Not only was I transformed by this miraculous science on a personal realm, I knew I had finally found my life’s work. This is what homeopathy did for me, and as a result, the same for  hundreds of patients I have seen over the last ten years.

We all have passions, a calling, our true potential for living life to the fullest, whether it be in our work, individual growth, relationship or spiritual contentment. However, many of us give up on ourselves because we carry a negative belief system inherited from childhood, our environment or present-life situations. We may feel trapped by our own expectations that block us from taking the steps needed to make our dreams a reality. These blocks are our “core delusions,” our misconceptions of reality based on what our internal world manifests externally. “Money does not grow on trees, son” results in poverty consciousness and the idea that you must struggle to make a living. If there was unpredictable change in your past, trying a new career might seem too risky or downright scary.

At the time these traumas occur, the body releases chemicals that make energetic changes within our entire system (physically, mentally and emotionally). When something in the present triggers these old fears or beliefs, the same reaction we had years ago will continue to repeat throughout one’s life. You may be fully aware of the issues and have processed them to death in your mind. Yet, until there is a shift that removes the body’s physical and energetic memory of that trauma, your delusions will always take the lead and the outcome will usually be a familiar one.

The characters may change, but the story will not. For instance, if a child feels abandoned by his parents, this trauma will be ingrained into his energetic system and the pattern will happen again and again throughout adulthood. He will either cling to or run from relationships as an adult until this scar has been healed at a molecular and energetic level.

Homeopathic Medicine is a natural and gentle system of medicine that literally shifts this delusional view of the world by accessing this core level of who we are and bringing that innate light to the surface. It will remove misconceived fears and ideas that have had us stuck and running on that proverbial hamster wheel. After releasing these fears and inherited ideas from the body, patients experience a freedom they may only remember having as a young child. (Or for some, the very first time) The result: the blocks are replaced with a newfound courage and calm that makes our choices and actions clearer and easier than ever imagined.

The reason we are not able to access our life’s work usually falls into one of the following statements.

“I can’t decide what I want to do. I have always had trouble figuring out my true calling.” In this case, the homeopathic remedy removes the cloud of indecision or irresolution and helps one to attain clarity of thought. Only then can the mind open to make healthy decisions that are aligned with one’s true choice. When this happens your creative spirit will come alive. I have seen so many people let go of deadend careers and finally find the perfect fit. Homeopathy also helps to balance the entire system which will affect one’s energy and motivation level. It is amazing what can happen when you are feeling centered and strong.

“I am afraid to take that step. What if I fail?” To most of us the idea of failure is synonymous with Hell. Most success stories have a history of several previous unsuccessful attempts. Yet these individual’s experiences of failure only motivates them to try again, learning from their mistakes. If you proceed to take on new challenges with confidence, the idea of failure will not enter your reality. For example, I knew I wanted to be a homeopath; therefore failure was just not an option!

“I am afraid of what others will think of my new choices.” This is the statement of someone who does not believe in themselves. There is an unhealthy dependence of others’ opinions. Homeopathy would shift the view to, “If I believe in me, that is all that matters. My true friends will support and encourage me.” When I told people I was leaving a lucrative career to become a homeopath, everyone thought I had flipped! Finding my sanity and a career I passionately believed in, brought up their own fears. Change can be disruptive to those around you, even if it is positive.

“I am trapped in my life situation.” Unless you are liter-ally locked away, the trapped feeling is in your imagination. Once those imaginary chains (fears, grief, guilt and anger) are removed and replaced with wings, you will breathe freer than you ever have before.

“What if I cannot support myself? Don’t most people dislike their jobs anyway?” If you are passionate about your life’s work and have the motivation to make it happen, you cannot help but create wealth in your bank account and in your heart. Carrying around these fears and suppressed emotions takes an incredible amount of energy from your system on a daily basis, not to mention all the symptoms of imbalance and ill health that have developed. Once these unhealthy emotions, beliefs and physical symptoms have healed, you will experience an abundance of energy and motivation to assist in making those dreams come true.

Finding your life’s work is an ability to make true choices, to act on them and create your distinct path to a fulfilling career. This is  “Freedom.” It is never too late to start over. If you do not feel inspired, challenged, or rewarded in your job, look at what is not working. Do you have the same negative conversation with yourself on a daily basis? If so, can you bear being in the same place ten years from now? If the answer is no, allow Homeopathy to help you make these changes now. You deserve it.

By the way, my brother finally got tired of waiting for the garbage truck. He found his passion in the retail business!

Allison Maslan, RSHom(NA), CCH, is a Nationally-Certified Classical Homeopath. She is the Founder of the Homeopathic Academy of Southern California. Allison is also the Director of the Homeopathic Wellness Center in Solana Beach where she has practiced Classical Homeopathy for the past 10 years. She is available by appointment. (858) 794-0787  www.homeopathicwellness.com

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