Ask an Angel...
Loving Consciousness in Relationships from the
Angel of Loving Consciousness*
By Christopher Dilts



I am the Angel that supports and surrounds your consciousness with a field of loving awareness. I radiate this love throughout all of your being. I invite you to increase your perceptions of love, to increase your awareness of love as the primary purpose of creation in the universe. I invite you to realize that it is love that holds all matter together — that holds atoms in form — that is the very attraction between sub-atomic and atomic particles. The energy of love is like a sea upon which everything floats, within which everything is supported. This unified field of love surrounds and infuses every part of creation. It surrounds and infuses your body, your mind, your spirit and every particle of your being.

I want to say in the simplest words possible that there is nothing more important for the care of your soul than the refinement of your own loving consciousness. This is much more important than your career, your material possessions, and even your dearest, most heartfelt relationships. By putting love first, these relationships are served by the highest order of service of which you are capable.

Your consciousness is your most prized “possession.” Your consciousness is determined by your choices. Choices of love are eternal and last forever; they expand and increase your loving consciousness. Choices of fear cannot be held; they are unsustainable; they are un-evolving. Choices of fear will always call to them the forces of love that will open, heal and transmute them.

The soul in its wisdom will call to it whatever forces are necessary to remove the obstacles to love and to replace your choices of fear. The soul begins first with gentle reminders, gentle words and gentle opportunities for making more loving choices. Yet the soul is unrelenting in its drive to greater love and unity. If the gentle prodding and reminders are not heeded, then the soul increases the force, the velocity and the power to the degree required to crack the places of fear. It cracks your holding places of fear and gives the energy of fear within you a path to move through and out of you, if you will allow yourself to release it.

The evolution of your consciousness into greater love is the primary reason you have chosen to incarnate. The very obstacles, frictions, and difficulties in the relationships in your life are the very things that will serve you in opening to a more loving consciousness. They are the very doorways that have so far been locked to your approaches. They are the places where choices of fear predominate and hold sway. If you realize each of these blocked places as an opportunity to open a door to greater consciousness, you will approach them from a very different ground of being. A door that is closed to love will always open to the key made just for its lock. Searching for this key is often called meditation, prayer, intention and invocation. No door is locked to you for which you do not have a companion key already within you.

The first key to opening all doors is loving acceptance of yourself, exactly as you are. The next key is accepting the relationships around you as they are, and then accepting your life as being in perfect balance to your consciousness — exactly as it is. Finding perfection in the moment illuminates the space around you and allows light to shine upon the key that has remained hidden to you. The key you are searching for is usually within arm’s reach.

Bringing love to whatever situation or circumstance is present with the closed door is an important practice. Love everything that is present. Ask and choose to move into higher awareness and higher consciousness. Have persistence. One small step at a time is to be commended, regardless of its appearance. You often are not aware that the small step is the great leap, and what appears as a great leap may actually just be a small step. Trust your sure and steady progress...

...The Angels are an aspect of the loving consciousness of Creator. Our only purpose is to serve your evolution into greater love. Call upon us, make ever more intimate relationships with us. We are in eternal service to you, never lose sight of you, and never lose awareness of you. We are with you in every experience, every _expression, every thought, and especially in every choice of love. Our warmest blessings, grace, and love to you.

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