By Nancy Elizabeth Brady
Tools of the Soul



This year a universal vibration will guide us to deepen our concept of responsibility with family, relationships and primarily ourselves. Recent astrological influences have also enhanced the energy for a balanced integration of self. Our collective and individual journeys are being directed toward the development of a united world family.

We are all energy beings separated only by our individual sensory perceptions, which uniquely accommodate our emotional relationships with life. Emotional energy is of primary importance at this time in the evolution of life because we are collectively learning to use our emotions in what might be new ways for many people. Emotions carry the energy of movement and are created through catalysts in our internal and external environments.

During infancy and childhood, emotional interactions with care-givers and others create neuronal pathways affecting cell development. As children, we operated from emotional reactions to our circumstances. Through our experiences, learned behavior determined our emotional strategies and, unless we change them, we continue to react to life in the same habitual ways.

Since emotions are a visceral experience, the expression or repression of emotion regulates health. When an individual has been traumatized or overstressed during early life, the world is seen fearfully, resulting in a sensory disconnection that inhibits the free flow of cellular and spiritual information, while it lets the old patterns continue.

We have far too many examples of this in our world today, but because love exists as everything, the universe is stirring us to relate in more responsible ways to ourselves and our communities. The doorway to do this is through our system of inner guidance, of which our emotions are a primary component.

Emotions are a natural part of our internal communication system and necessary components of a healthy life. Difficult emotions are fundamentally simple. Grief is the experience of the loss of aspects of love. Fear is the experience of alarm to a threat of pain or loss, actual or imagined. Anger is a reaction of protection from threat, physical or non-physical. Shame is the experience of self-aversion or unrealized self-love. Other feelings like guilt, despair and depression are combinations of emotions. None of them are easy, but the path to healing is one of love.

When emotions emerge, they can take us beyond physical symptoms to the essence of the bodily message if we can be entirely present with them. Doing this is always a means to reconnect with our basic goodness, the primary and underlying state of all life. Resolving depressing or stressful emotional residue is to bring balance and integration to our humanness.

Existing behind fear and separation is love waiting to reveal itself and establish a personal attunement with all else. This energetic resonance with truth comes from resolving repressed emotional energies that bind us. This is what our soul invites us to do.

Through balancing our inner world, we strengthen our outer world. Emotions, as used by our soulís internal guidance system, encourage us to know and love ourselves deeper. This year, we can learn to grow through emotions, not operate from them in old ways, but utilize a broader understanding that energizes our purpose for being. Working with our emotional guidance system opens pathways for our soul to manifest its wisdom through us, creating personal health, healthier relationships and a healthier, happier world.

Nancy Elizabeth Brady is a practitioner in the art of spiritual healing. For 15 years, she has helped individuals be free of repressed emotional patterns and somatic trauma that are the primary cause of physical disorders and unbalanced lives. The energy methods used by Nancy integrate wholeness based in self-love and support healing of the entire body/mind system. Please contact Nancy at (949) 487-1551 or at

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