By Audrey Hope



A woman’s beauty comes from taking off things. First her mask, her wig, her make-up, her clothes, her shoes — until she is naked. And in her nakedness, she takes off more. She has to drop the layers of her heart’s cover — the walls, the protective coat, the extra veil, and skin that keeps her tough.

And then she has to take off more.

Down in her nakedness, she has to meet the characters she put on through the years — the policewoman has to go. The reporter that investigates through lack of trust, the tough girl who dares to fight, the mother who gives and asks nothing in return, the Madonna that stands holy, and the seductress who is tired from dancing.

All her actresses must leave her inner stage. Till alone in the spotlight, in the darkness, in her nakedness, she is left alone. A little girl, once again, lost and afraid, she can say, “ Hello, innocent one, I love you, I see you, I hear you, I know you, I cry with you and I will never leave you.” This is the place, a woman’s place that only she can find, if she has the courage of a high priestess.

A woman must go there. Only she can travel down to the center station where she discovers, she needs no one, no thing, just herself, naked in her truth.

And only then can she rise up and put on the clothes of a heroine. And only then can she speak through her eyes, the true beauty of being a woman — with freedom to love unconditionally, like God, because she loves herself first.

This is the marriage a woman seeks.

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