Following Our Dreams . . .
Three Women Share Their Journey to Self Empowerment
By Kosa Ely



More and more women are stepping out from traditional careers to launch their own businesses. Their desire to live a life of passion and commitment to a higher purpose, to express their talents and reach their potential, and their quest for financial freedom, is spurring them to become entrepreneurs. With a vision and purpose in mind, these women are also making a difference in the lives of others. I asked the following women to share with us their background, their passion, and their journey to self empowerment.

I’m an athlete. I do trick riding on horses. I challenge mountains to buck me off my bike. I love powder days on my skis. I trail run and do yoga. I’m into my body, and I insist that it run at peak performance on demand. So I’ve really been into health and nutrition as a way to keep my system operating at maximum capacity.

I grew up taking handfuls of vitamins and Chinese herbs, so the morning ritual of preventative maintenance was not new to me. But with so many expert opinions and highly-endorsed herbal products available, I found myself bewildered and overwhelmed by the never-ending choices on the market. Even when I would venture to purchase some, I didn’t really feel their immediate effects. Perhaps positive thoughts would have done the job without spending so much money.

This ambivalent feeling disappeared when I discovered Amazon Herbs. I suffered a knee injury that plagued me for more than 6 months. I had tried every solution possible — yoga, joint supplements, ice, rest, massage, affirmations, etc. Nothing had worked, but, within 2 weeks of “eating” the Amazon Herbs, I was back at the top of my game. Soreness and strain was a distant memory. There were no residual effects of my injury. Not only am I able to be just as aggressive on my knee, but I have measurably more speed, endurance, and strength.

When I take the herbs, I can feel the effects almost instantaneously. My body responds to them as nutritious and wholesome food; I feel them working.

I have noticed that as my body absorbs the benefits of the Amazon Herbs, I can tell which ones to increase or decrease. My body is intelligent and knows what it needs. As the toxins are expunged and the nutrients absorbed more easily, I have found that I can regulate my herbal intake more accurately. I no longer “dump” herbal extracts into my mouth with the “hope” that it will do some good. I can actually self-monitor my needs.

I began my Amazon Herb business by sharing the herbs with my mother and a neighbor. That small trickle soon became a waterfall. Once I set my intent to communicate the wonders of these herbs, interested people began showing up in my life. From my day job to my personal life, individuals everywhere are seeking this type of healing. Simply saying “Amazon” to the universe must activate networks everywhere. People are in need of healing, and they desire to take control of their healing. Amazon Herbs presents a perfect solution. When you start taking the herbs, magic happens. When you begin selling the herbs, it’s like a force of nature. In the short time since I have started working with the company, I have been on the most exciting adventures.

From a global standpoint, I am in good conscience to know that the Amazon Herb Company wild harvests its herbs, supports the indigenous people of the Amazon, and helps with Rainforest preservation. I know that I am getting the highest-quality essence available. My contribution helps protect the lungs of the planet, the mighty Amazon itself along with its tribal custodians. It’s a win-win-win partnership between all parties, and I feel great! — Kansas Carradine,
Topanga, California

Three years ago I would never have believed I would have my own business, travel to the Amazon Rainforest, and assist people with their health.

I graduated with a Bachelors of Science in Engineering and worked for five years as an electrical Engineer. In these five years of engineering work, I felt an emptiness inside of me. I was one engineer amongst several thousand working for a huge company, creating products I didn’t believe in. In my heart I wanted to make a difference in the lives of others, and I wanted my own time freedom.

 I became interested in the Amazon Herbs for health reasons. I was suffering daily from sinus congestion. By consistently taking the products, my sinus pain cleared entirely. Every aspect of my health: physical, mental, and emotional, improved dramatically. It was then I decided to share the products with others.

At first, being an entrepreneur was a challenge for me. It meant constantly stepping out of my “comfort zone.” It forced me to develop communication skills and leadership skills that are such a blessing for me now.

This business has opened a whole new world for me. I meet all kinds of people, travel when I choose, and express my creativity in a myriad of ways. The most treasured gifts I continue to receive are friendships I make and grow, and my own personal development. Oh — and I enjoy helping other women become leaders themselves. — Shri Ramchandra,
Gainesville, Florida

After eleven years working as technical and administrative support in engineering offices, stressful deadlines absorbed my time to a point that I had no life. I kept saying to myself, “There’s got to be more to life than this.”

I had also been back in college part time for a few years and loved it, but wasn’t quite sure where a speech communications major was going to take me as a career. Life quickly changed, and I suddenly found myself working in a media communications office. Communications work was both a blessing and a curse. The work was more suited to my interests, but I still didn’t want to be tied to an office schedule.

In the depths of my heart I wanted to have my own business — ideally one that didn’t tie me down. A business that would allow me the freedom to travel domestically and internationally, meet other people, and enjoy life while supporting myself. I was not sure how, when, where, or what kind of business would offer me such freedoms and an idealistic lifestyle, but it was constantly in the back of my mind — just looking for an opportunity to manifest.

Then one day almost two years ago, I heard about some wonderful rainforest herbs. Now, earthy herbs and exotic rainforests have always been a love of mine, so when it all came together in a complete package with a business opportunity included, I was immediately onboard.

Suddenly, I found my dreams manifesting . . . I was meeting people, traveling, and having fun while offering others the chance to experience vibrant health and a way to gain financial freedom — a perfect combination.

It has been an enlivening journey of personal development, along with the incredible support of others in the business. I look forward to every day, making new friends, and living my life the way I choose.
— Chitra Gunderson,
Frederick, Maryland

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