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Free To Be ME Kid’s Camp!
Carolyn Kaufman, Founder



 Free To Be Me Kid’s Camp is a dream come true for “The Children of Today!’It is A Day of Empowerment,” reports Carolyn Kaufman. “It’s a day without schedules, yet filled with activity and endless possibilities. A day of strengthening self-confidence and expanding awareness! A fun-filled day of meeting new friends, connecting with old ones and awakening the precious self-knowing. The day opens a space where it is safe to explore the depths of their passions and desires. To-day’s children join a day filled with magical opportunities. Each child will guide their own experience and discover new avenues of creativity and learn skills for ‘Being’ back-in-school with ease and joy!”

The Children of Today
 “Do you see the changes in the Children of Today? Do you see them as being or acting differently than children of the past? Do you see them behaving differently than you would have in the past?

“If you think about all the changes in our lives and times in just the last 30 years, doesn’t it make sense for the children of today to be and act differently? These children are being born into very amazing times in which we are still learning to adapt. They are coming into these times with what they know; they do not know of our past and/or the pain, control, or fear of our past.

“We are transitioning from a past that for the most part no longer serves us. However, we find ourselves in very vulnerable and sometimes challenging moments. This is to be expected. Many of us are releasing that part of the past that no longer serves us, and are walking into a place that is brand new and seems almost unknown! Once looking at this point of view, one may start to understand a lot of the frustration that lies within the gap of these generations.

“The Children of Today get very frustrated with us, for they do not understand the fear and control we exhibit. I see many of these children as energy sponges. Since they are so sensitive to the energy around them, they often pick up on it, and the only way they know how to deal with it is to act out!

“I believe that if both parents and children take some time to really understand where the other is coming from, our relationships would grow much stronger. If we could learn to take each day, as it truly is — ‘a new day’ — and see the other person as new, releasing all expectations and assumptions, we would bring so much more balance, harmony and clearer communication to our relationships and families! I look forward with great excitement to the time where the gap with our children grows less and less!!

“I am learning that I am only a guide for my children, to be here and to lovingly guide them. I don’t believe it was ever meant for me to create my children’s path or to show them who they are. I am here to give them the space and guidance from what I have learned to help them Be who they are.

“Free To Be Me Kid’s Camp is an exciting sensory daylong experience that is holistic and helps young ones integrate natural curiosity and learning into their daily life. They learn how to use this knowledge every day to handle challenges that may arise at home, at school or in society.

“There is minimal structure so each child chooses their interests and creates a free-flow adventure into learning while playing. We provide an enriched environment for them to explore and the experiences of science, reading, arts and crafts, movement, playing, and creating their own agenda. We watch and learn from them and help them understand by answering their questions compassionately.

Children Expressing Their True Selves is the Key!
“I do Conflict Resolution with children in a way that helps them recognize and release their Anger, Frustration, Sadness, and Fear, and brings these powerful emotions into balance. They are learning in a Fun Way with balloons, bubbles, painting, and laughing, etc. An example: I call a balloon an ‘Emotion Deflater!’ I have children blow their anger into the balloon, and they release it and laugh and laugh! They just learned a positive way to handle powerful emotions.

“This brings more awareness into their young lives to notice their feelings and energy and to gain understanding. This is a freeing experience because they are not shamed or punished for having human emotions.

“As we are making our way into this new Millennium we are experiencing great change! What we forget to acknowledge sometimes, is that this change is not only what we asked for, but also what we signed up for. This may seem very hard to accept as one looks at all that is stirring around him/her, but it is true!

“The guidance I have received is that we are coming upon another great shift — right around the corner. The more we clear and let go before this shift takes place, the further and easier we will soar. It is almost like a big wave coming in, and if we are patient and flow when the wave comes, it will take us far. However if we struggle and fight the wave we will get pulled under and thrown around.

“This is a time of incredible planetary transformation. On a personal level you may be feeling heavy and full of intense emotions. This is an essential time to awaken to your full potential, as you remember and radiate the brilliant light that you truly are.

“Our Big Dream is to become a non-profit and create a “Free To Be Me Center,” for people of all ages to explore the many facets of themselves and be supported in living their authentic lives.

“The Children of Today want the Adults to have more patience with the children and with themselves. They want adults to be open to who they are without too may expectations. They feel they have a message for humanity and will teach and guide us, and miracles will accrue!

Carolyn Kaufman is a Certified Spiritual Counselor (trained by Dr. Doreen Virtue), Intuitive Reader, Healer and mother of three. She is also the founder of The Children of Today, Free To Be ME Kid’s Camp and Rainbow Touch Healing. Through her own personal journey with cancer and lupus, she has transformed her life using various healing modalities. In addition to teaching healing and meditation, she works with Indigo children and counsels parents, and teachers.

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