By Dr. Maryel McKinley
Predicting Compatibility



Recently while I was taking classes at Unity Village in Kansas City, one of the students, Dr. Mary Taylor, shared some of the best information I have come across in years regarding choosing the right mate for oneself. This technique, which uses the visual of both hands as well as answering some basic questions, is derived from a Hindu source — and is so simple and effective in nature that I simply had to share it with you!

First, hold up both hands as if you are going to interlock your fingers together in prayer. The forefingers represent energy patterns. Ask yourself, “Does my potential mate (or present mate) share the same biorhythmic patterns as I do? Is he a morning person and are you a night person? Or are you both morning people? If you share the same pattern, you may interlock the forefingers at this time, if not, don’t.

Next, we have the middle finger, which represents culture, religion and politics. Does your potential mate share the same cultural background as you? Do you have opposing or similar political views? What about spirituality? Is there any conflict here? If you feel you are in tune with each other’s cultural backgrounds and present-day belief systems, then link the middle fingers together as well. If not, leave them open. (If your forefingers are linked, keep them that way)

Now, the ring finger. Do you and your mate share vocational interest and similar hobbies? If so, go ahead and link the ring fingers, if not leave them open. By now, hopefully you will have a few fingers linked. If you have the forefingers and ring fingers linked, but not the middle fingers, then simply leave the middle open and do not attempt to link them. This is very important to the outcome, although it may feel initially uncomfortable.

Finally, we have the pinky fingers. Am I physically attracted to my mate? Is there a physical sexual chemistry between us? If so, then link the pinky fingers, if not, leave them apart.

Now hold your elbows up shoulder length with the fingers interlocking as you’ve chosen, and try to pull your fingers apart. Do they come unlinked easily? Or do they stay locked in position? This is the test that will show whether or not the relationship will last very long. For instance, if you only have two fingers linked, it is obvious that through physics alone this handholding position will buckle under stress. But if you have three or four of your fingers locked together, chances are it will be difficult to pull them apart.

This symbolically and effectively shows the potential of the relationship. This is an excellent sign that the relationship will last. Furthermore, when less than three of the fingers intertwine, this predicts boredom, conflict, and a short-term relationship, or if long-term it will be full of conflict and “fall apart” easier when under stress.

Try it out regarding past relationships that didn’t work out and see how easily you could have predicted the outcome by using this simple tool!

Dr. Maryel McKinley is a Doctor of Philosophy in Metaphysical Counseling, and is a Certified Alcohol and Drug Counselor who has been invited to be on the Oprah Winfrey Show for her work with addictions. Dr. McKinley specializes in treating people with Relationship Problems, Childhood Trauma, Spousal Abuse and Adult Children of Alcoholics. Please call her for a free telephone counseling session, if you mention this article. You may also reach her at (949) 887-7957 or e-mail her from her website at 

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