Tips on Keeping Mind and Body Young
By Jesse Anson Dawn



Jesse Anson Dawn, author of the national award-winning book, Never “Old”, plus The Rejuvenator’s Bible, speaks out about a most stirring subject: how to counteract the unwanted effects of “aging.”

Presently answering the question: “With aging and stress so closely linked, how can we defend ourselves against the stress of rising healthcare costs, especially now that the Whitehouse is sky-rocketing costs by “privitizing” healthcare?”

Dear readers,
I’ll begin this article by emphasizing:

Patient’s Rights and Reforms Arising
Aside from a few crucial books on the subject, fortunately there are other things around aimed at medical reform — important initiatives such as rules of law which demand action. One such law, passed by the U.S. Congress in 1990, is the Patient Self-Determination Act (PSDA). This law is significant because it requires health care facilities to inform their patients in writing about their right to refuse a treatment, and to prepare advance medical directives regarding this right. This law also requires institutions to educate their patients and staff about the availability and effect of these directives, and to inform patients of any internal policies which may supersede these directives. Another nationwide medical law deserving attention is the Emergency Medical Treatment Act, because this is legislation which requires hospitals to treat patients with emergency conditions, making it illegal to deny treatment or transfer an emergency patient on the grounds that they cannot pay, or for any other reason. And surely such directives should be in place, because before such so-called “anti-dumping” laws were passed, even a pregnant woman with labor pains and bleeding could be transferred from a private hospital emergency room to a public facility without being examined or having her condition stabilized. Now such practices are criminal and well they should be, whereby a patient with emergency conditions must give their written consent before being transferred from one hospital to another. But unfortunately, illegally transferred patients must often sue a hospital in order to insure that emergency treatment laws are obeyed, as enforcement of medical laws remain lax at best, especially now that the current (Bushita) administration is so payola-cozy with the pharmaceutical and healthcare industries. 

Patient’s Rights and Women Doctors
In the book “Why Eve Doesn’t Have an Adam’s Apple,” health-writer Carol Ann Rinzler proclaims that certain medical reforms are coming about due to a new influx of women doctors into the medical profession. And viva la difference, says Rinzler, saying that “women doctors use more positive terms, compliments, agreements and partnership statements — they talk more to their patients who talk back to them.” And these longer interviews. “give the doctor valuable information about the patient’s health, and they give the patient a feeling of participation.”

Well, that certainly sounds encouraging to me, surely more humane than the typical “rights” a hospital patient is granted which go something like this:

“You have the right to remain silent, and you have the right to consult a physician IF you can afford one and if you can’t, one will be appointed by us, as soon as one is available and willing to see you at his convenience. And remember, anything you say can and will be used against you, influencing your length of stay plus the size of your bill and future insurance premiums. Now put on this uniform and report to room 1132.”

Ouch, am I just being paranoid here or do I detect the foul odor of injustice emanating from this hospital business? Have we forgotten that true healing is an art and not merely an industry? But just as playwright Arthur Miller quite artfully writes in a poem: Justice must be wanted before it comes, invited in from the desert, where it wanders about like a prophet... in a time of war.

And perhaps it is “a time of war” when it comes to the complicated battle of staying alive and well amid industrialized society. But as I emphasize again and again, probably the best mental defense in this battle is to CLARIFY YOUR POSITION amid the whole my-body/your-influence-over-it scheme of things, whereby the supreme clarification becomes the wisdom and skill to be your OWN doctor. Especially as we get older, when being one’s own doctor becomes more crucial than ever, a time when “elderly” people face such difficult choices as whether or not we want to be confined to some institution which may be offering nothing better than substandard, life-threatening conditions.

And so it goes, and so goes (or returns) our choice of whether or not we want to go along with it, the choice of whether or not “oldness” is the same thing as being split in half, whereby we only “have” a mind/body instead of BEING it.

And on that mindful note, let me wish you a consciousness-raising new year by sharing this little song-poem I call:

From the Lab to a Slab
TV has pushed it, and chemical labs,
Herding people into clinics and local rehabs,
Pushing needles and pills and scalpels and stitches,
Pushing a runaway train of uncontrolled riches,
Where minds fill with terror about uninsured ills,
Where heart attacks occur just looking at bills,
Where “age” is a label feebled by fears,
Where EVERYTHING is preset, even our “years,”
Energy presets and presets on pace,
Presets on our bodies, presets on our “race,”
Presets on a grave that says “Rest in Peace,”
But for me their “race” has already ceased,
Because natural time is what I’ve got in mind,
I see the light and I’m no longer blind,
Yes, NATURAL time is what I’ve got in mind,
I see INNER light shining and I’m doing fine...

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