Dr. John Gray Spreads Love
Over the Internet
By Steven S. Sadleir


Dr. John Gray, author of the best-selling series of books including “Men Are From Mars, Women are from Venus,” and International relationship guru, provides this exclusive interview with Awareness Magazine.

John, you are well known the world over for helping men and women understand gender differences, and in your newest book “The Mars Venus Diet and Exercise Solution” you expand into the realm of health and nutrition; what prompted this move?

For years I have been studying why men and women are so different, and have known that much of our differences were due to the chemical composition of our brains. Recent studies indicate the composition of men and women’s body chemistry, specifically levels of dopamine and serotonin, create radical differences in behavior. By understanding these differences we can learn to deal with them more effectively and have better relationships.

What kind of differences are due to chemical makeup in men and women?

For instance, the same diet plan may cause a woman to gain weight and a man to lose weight. A woman’s diet can contribute more significantly to her feelings of fulfillment than the behavior of her partner. Women require more cuddling and affection and men require more sex to experience healthy brain chemistry; more men have the symptoms of low dopamine and more women have the symptoms of low serotonin. My new book provides not only an outline of these differences but provides a complete program for maintaining healthy brain chemistry for both sexes.

Can you give some examples of how brain chemistry affects us?

Yes, with increased dopamine, the patient experiences a surge in clarity, pleasure, energy, and motivation; with increased serotonin, the patient experiences a wave of calm, comfort, and fulfillment. Dopamine and serotonin production are stimulated differently in men and women, through the proper balance of nutrients and exercise men and women can live healthier and happier lives; moreover, men and women can learn to understand each other’s differences and needs, and to appreciate them.

You have trained Coaches to teach your Mars Venus principles to couples seeking to improve their relationship, how does this differ from relationship counseling?

Counseling involves working on deeper psychological issues, coaching assists couples in communicating better and provides them tools that enhance their relationship. Most of the issues that men and women face can be dealt with effectively by learning the tools we train people to use in our coaching programs.

What kind of skill sets would a coach provide someone whom came to them?

How to make sure your partner stays interested in you. Learning how to bring out the best in your partner, and deal with differences or misunderstandings. Developing more intimacy and fulfillment in a relationship. In short, a coach teaches couples how to make there relationship more meaningful, passionate, and fun.

You have recently joined the board of SpirituallyConnected.com, an on-line network of people who share similar spiritual values. What is the advantage of this particular Inter-net dating or networking service?

Having similar spiritual values is a key component in creating lasting and meaningful relationships. I talk to so many people looking to meet someone with whom they can share their life; SpirituallyConnected.com provides that link. Right now we are networking with the leadership of the New Thought Movement — Religious Science, Unity, Self Awareness Institute, various Yoga and Meditation groups and the kinds of people who read Awareness Magazine — people who are more “aware” or conscious. Our website is being used to allow spirit to bring people together.

What advice would you give to the readers of Awareness Magazine who are looking to meet a soulmate or life partner?

Get to know yourself. Find the love you need within and you will have more to share with another. By connecting with spirit, you will be guided to meet whoever you are meant to be with. By creating a healthy mind, body and spirit you will optimize your existence and enjoy greater happiness and peace.

For information on “The Mars Venus Diet & Exercise Solution Programs,” Relationship Coaching or www.SpirituallyConnected.com , or to get on the e-mail list for future events, contact Ronda Coallier, Director, at ronda@marsvenus.com     

Dr. John Gray will be speaking in Huntington Beach on Saturday, February 7th. For more information, call (714) 754-7399, ext. 22.  

Steven S. Sadleir is author of several popular books including “Looking for God,” and Founder of the Self Awareness Institute. He can be reached at (949) 497-9954 or www.selfawareness.com 

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