The Comic Shrink
Puts “Fun” in Dysfunctional
By Dr. Maryel McKinley



Putting the fun into dysfunctional, Dr. Howard Richmond, M.D., daytime holistic psychiatrist and nighttime comic, will rocket your spirit to the fourth dimension of comic relief with his hysterical comedy act. Yes, Howard is a medical doctor and board-certified psychiatrist who treats patients during the day with a modality that integrates body, mind and spirit — but when asked if he uses medication he replies “only for experimental purposes — one for you and two for me!”

In his outrageously funny comedy act, The Comic Shrink states that he needs new patients so he can get new material for his act! When he asked the audience if anyone believes in reincarnation, several people raised their hands, and he boldly replied “Nice to see you again!”

A refreshing approach to his after-hours gig is a life-adventure that he has been pursing part-time for seven years. He is currently evolving his act as a “pathway to generate mirth and raise consciousness while creating healing humor.”

Not only does this talented doctor serve up delightful dishes of comedy at night, he is also writing a book titled “The Healing Fields,” which is a true story from his “out-of-the-box” work with a dying anorexic patient whose death wish masked a spiritual hunger, and whose spiritual transformation brought her back to life and changed not only herself, but contributed to a cathartic change in Dr. Richmond as well.

In his private practice he uses humor, role-playing, hypnosis and other creative modalities in the healing process wherever appropriate. Furthermore, the talented Comic Shrink has created and produced two musical C.D.’s, “12-String Hypnosis” and “Soul-a-bration.” “These are works of love that Spirit/Universe/Inner Voice urged me to create and co-produce over the last two years,” says Richmond.

As a clinical instructor at UCSD Medical Center and founder of ItsU-Integrity Teachings Universal, Dr. Howard Richmond has developed and created a forum wherein one may creatively express the healing arts through education and entertainment.

Samples of Dr. Richmond’s music can be heard on his website at , where you will also be able to find information on his comedy engagements, download tickets, as well as learning about his popular mini-retreat called “Hide and Seek: Embracing the Spiritual Game Ego Plays.”

Look for the Comic Shrink at the Orange County Improv and the San Diego Improv — I promise you will experience a healing of the spirit and a bellyache from laughing so much!  

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