By Nancy Elizabeth Brady
Developing Your Intuition



Divine guidance operates through human intuition. Universal divine intelligence flows through everything, simply because it is a component of all that exists. As part of creation, we as humans can access the very depth of universal knowledge by listening to the quiet messages that come through our intuitive channels. This creative flow of wisdom is considered a feminine energy because its nature requires allowing rather than doing, yet, inner guidance is not just Ďwomenís intuitioní. Equally present in men and women, this softer aspect of humanness is a guidance system that never turns off, and yet its presence is not always fully acknowledged or received.

Over the last several years, Iíve noticed a growing trend with many people expressing a similar desire to increase their intuitive abilities. In our changing times, it is heartening to see more and more people turning within to find the answers they seek. Listening to our intuition is a natural way of accessing knowledge and direction for growth. The fact that humanity has underacknowledged this aspect of divine communication is somewhat perplexing. That is, until you refer to history.

Throughout many historical periods of conflict, those who openly expressed their intuitive guidance were deemed a threat to the ruling class. Being mostly women, these nonconformists were frequently put to death or banished to the periphery of life. This clearly sent a message to all people that safety lay in abdicating to those in a position of authority rather than following their own guidance. Since then, changes in the world have shifted perspectives and perhaps what was once the periphery is becoming the leading edge. This may account, in part, for the large numbers of people that are recognizing the call to come back home to the intuitive voice within and claim their personal guidance system again.

Intuition continually presents truth as it courses through our perceptions. Developing intuition involves recovering the ability to be quietly present with your inner self. This can require trusting yourself to know which voice you are hearing. Is it the voice of your ego, or your intuition? The ego is an ingenious character and is focused on keeping control in the physical. Much like the rulers who rejected intuitives, the ego may attempt to denounce threats to its dominance. When the ego is attempting to divert the intuitive flow by offering inner dialog based on fear, it may be harder to hear the intuitive voice. Thatís why trusting yourself is an important part of developing intuition. Trust will strengthen the ability to discern which voice you are hearing.

Listening deeply to your inner voice also requires a willingness to receive. Though intuition is always present, a personís limitations about being worthy of receiving may be an obstacle to letting it grow stronger. If you hold resistance to receiving or accepting, you may be blocking the flow of intuition. You can see how developing your intuition is linked to self-development and old emotional patterning, yet it doesnít take a lot of effort to heal this. It just requires presence.

The way to enhance your intuition is to surrender. Surrendering to what is in the moment will resolve resistance and free you to receive divine wisdom through your own personal intuitive guidance system. Just as the body knows how to heal itself when obstacles are removed, the intuitive body will come forward when you eliminate resistance. The more you surrender, the easier it becomes. Then before you know it, your intuition will be recognized as the steady companion it is, easily accessed as a quiet, peaceful feeling or voice that will just feel right and will always guide you to truth.

Nancy Elizabeth Brady is an intuitive and practitioner in the spiritual art of healing. For over 10 years, she has assisted others in healing the root cause of disorders and returning to health. She can be contacted at (949) 487-1551 or  by visiting

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