The Marriage of Mr. Intellect &
Ms. Intuition
By Jan Seligman



Man is painfully aware today that neither his religions nor philosophies are providing him with the forceful animating ideas that would give him the security and power he needs in the face of his present conditions. Change must begin somewhere, and it is the individual who can experience it and make it happen.

From Where can we get our help? To Whom and What can we turn?

How can we heal the split between male and female principles . . . inner and outer, conscious and unconscious, intuition and intellect. Since nobody seems to know what to do, might it be worthwhile to ask ourselves if by any chance our own Unconscious may know something that can help us? The Conscious Mind, alone, does not seem capable of providing the leadership we need.

People ask today why G-d does not show himself like he did in former times. Yet, G-d still lives and speaks to all those who have an eye to see and an ear to hear. G-d speaks to us directly through our Unconscious, the intuitive realm. The unconscious is a natural phenomenon out of which emerge symbols that ALWAYS prove to be meaningful.”

Images, like mathematical formulas, carry within them vastly complex systems of information. Images are so powerful because there is ALWAYS a connection between “seemingly” random images your Intuitive Mind selects and your challenges, joys, issues, questions or your state of mind. Thus, your Intuition always vibrates to specific and selective imagery in order to offer you relevant and particular personal information. A picture is worth a 1000 words!

The Buddhist discards the unconscious as useless illusion. Religions put their Holy Books and Priests between Man and the unconscious. The rational intellectual disregards the unconscious as unscientific and banishes it to the realm of the imaginary. This ignorance persists today in spite of the fact that for more than 70 years the unconscious has been a basic scientific concept that is indispensable to any serious psychological investigation.

No doubt about it! We are at a critical juncture! It is time to seriously investigate our true nature, our inner nature — the Psyche. We receive signals from our unconscious every night and every day, and yet this complex and unfamiliar part of the mind is virtually unexplored. The Unconscious provides the most interesting, directive, healing and informative information for those who wish to understand its symbolic language.

The Unconscious lives in the inner landscape where you weigh and evaluate Experience — where feelings, not knowledge, is king. In the Inner Kingdom, the Game of Life is played with different rules. It is played from the Heart where the truth of your personal and collective experience tells you if something is agreeable or not, a place where you can learn to trust something as a good thing without needing to analyze or rationalize “why”.

Intuition is the human version of animal instinct; it is where life is made conscious through a feeling that arises from within. Through intuition, we tap the very source of life itself. Yet, we worship our informational Mind. We have an idea that we must give much power to our leaders because we have so little faith in our own ability to know what is right! This idea alone is so real to us it allows us to give kingly status to our Intellect, thus granting it total power to rule us and to tell us what “it thinks” is best.

But, the unconscious, experiential realm doesn’t talk or think about it . . . it shows us!  With images and symbols!  Images are the connection to your inner world, and it is your inner world that directly holds all the answers. Images are the shortest distance between inner and outer reality.

Good things come from living intuitively, because the benefit from understanding your own personal imagery system is you can derive seemingly endless amounts of extremely useful, informative and healing information from a simple image and you don’t even have to work very hard!  Nature mirrors our internal meanings with objects in the external world. True Self-knowledge or awareness from your intuitive mind brings you perfect health, financial prosperity, self-confidence, peace of mind, loving relationships and whatever else you desire in your life.

As our reliance on technologies and outer resources increases, it is critical to allow time for reliance upon natural internal resources. Learning to trust this felt sense of wisdom again is the key to restoring balance and unlocking the richness to the whole person. With the marriage of Intuition and Intellect, we are carried over the threshold into the house of the whole person, into the life of a new relationship with Balance.

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