Sweeping Pain and Stress Away!  
By Master Stephen Co



“The Tibetan master Djwhal Khul said, ‘All disease is a result of inhibited Soul Life... The art of the healer consists of releasing the Soul, so it can flow through the aggregate of organisms which constitute any particular form... The true and future healing is brought about when the life of the Soul can flow without impediment and hindrance throughout every aspect of the form. It can then vitalize it...  What this means is, the more abundant the flow of spiritual energy (Soul Life) coming into the body through the crown chakra, the faster the rate of healing.  This is where sweeping comes in. By properly sweeping and removing the blockages in the energy aura, the Soul Life can flow in easily through the crown and then to various parts of the body.

The use of purposeful sweeping distinguishes Pranic Healingsm  from other energy medicine modalities. Instead of simply giving energy to a sick person, pranic healers perform extensive sweeping first to remove energetic blockages that might hinder the intake of the purest healing energy of all, divine energy, or Soul Life.  In fact, as you will read later on, the optimum ratio of sweeping to energizing in Pranic Healingsm  is four- or five-to-one.”

Establish your intent by silently declaring to yourself that you intend to sweep and clean away the dirty and used up prana from this person’s energy body.

1. With your hands in the slightly cupped general sweeping position, bring your hands together so the forefingers and inside edge of the hands aim your fingers slightly above your subject’s head. If you are standing about three feet away, your hands will be about four to six inches from your subject’s body. (PHOTO A)

2. Imagine beams of white light emanating from your fingers and penetrating an inch or two into your subject’s body.

3. Keeping your hands together, sweep slowly down the center of your subject’s body, from the top of the head (crown), down through the face, the neck, chest, torso, genitals and down the legs to the feet. (PHOTO B). You can determine for yourself how slowly each sweep should be as you become more proficient, but for now, 10 to 15 seconds per pass is a good rule of thumb. As you sweep, be aware of any heavy, sticky or depressed feelings you might sense with your hands.

4. You may want to imagine the light beams scraping off dark, grayish-brown muddy material that sticks to the beams as they move downward.

5. As you sweep past the feet, pull your hands away and flick the dirty energy in your hands briskly toward a bucket of salt water (handful of soap to half a bucket of water). You may want to visualize the dark material being thrown into the salt water.

6. For the second pass, bring your hands back up to the starting position (PHOTO A). Aim your hands above your subject’s head, but separate them about one-and-one-half hand’s width. Sweep down the front of the body from head to toe with the same graceful motion. Be aware of any feelings of energetic disturbances. As you sweep past the feet (PHOTO B), again flick the dirty energy into the salt water.

7. To begin your third pass, once again bring your hands back to the starting position. Aim them above your subject’s head and separate them about one foot apart. Then, sweep down as you did on the first and second passes.

8. To begin your fourth pass, once again bring your hands back to the starting position. Aim your hands above your subject’s head and separate them roughly four-and-a-half hands width.

9. Sweep your subject’s back with four head-to-toe passes as you did the front.

10. When you are finished, cut the energetic cord between you and your subject (to prevent the subject from subconsciously draining your life force even after the healing session) and then wash your hands with a handful of salt and running water. This is to decontaminate yourself from the subject’s diseased energies. Even during the first general sweeping exercise, many subjects feel tangible results because you pass through several areas that are commonly tense and congested:  the front and back heart and solar plexus chakras, and the chest and stomach. Most of your subjects will experience a deep relaxation and “lighter feeling”. This complementary Pranic Healingsm technique can be used  before performing any healing sessions like Reiki, Massage Therapy or other modalities.

This is an excerpt from “Your Hands Can Heal You” by Master Stephen Co and Eric Robins, M.D. Available at bookstores every-where. For more information on Pranic Healingsm and how to use prana to heal yourself and others,  contact  the U.S. Pranic Healing Center at (888) 4 PRANIC or visit www.pranichealing.com .

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