By Kay Walburger

“Origin Constellation Work” Reveals The Paradox of Your Ancestors Secret Soul And Your Family’s Ancient Hidden “ORDERS OF LOVE”



“Origin Constellation Work is unlike any traditional therapy or healing process I know of,” explains Krista Jarrard. “It is a profound work at the deepest level, the Soul. It is a movement of the Soul to a natural resolution based in love. It is a powerful tool for sourcing the origin of problems and finding resolution and deep healing within the complex relationship systems of the individual or family.”

“I will do my best to share with you about the essence of this Family Constellation Work. There is something about this work that defies description and truly does need to be experienced to be fully understood.’”

“Family Constellation Work probes the secret soul or conscience of the family system to reveal the “Ancient Orders of Love” hidden there.

As a participant you will have the opportunity to understand that ‘The Origin of Problems’ with your relationships, health, family and career may actually be inherited from the lives of your ancestors, and may not be of your own doing.

“This does much to explain why so many of our issues still persist, even after all the years of therapy and healing work we have done. How many people have done many things, if not everything, and still are burdened?  What is revealed is that through bonds of love and allegiance we may be living lives that are duplicating that of our ancestors.”

Sharing My Story
“This is how I came to this work, after many years of deep therapy and healing work, things where still not right. I had a consultation with a practitioner familiar with this work and he thought it would answer some of my questions and offer healing. Well, it did that and so much more. I did have a strong sense about this process and was quite fearful of participating because my sense was that this will really do ‘something’ and ‘things’ were going to be different.”

“I personally never had the full vitality and passion for life that I really felt was mine and should be available to me. I suffered with depression, chronic fatigue and fibromyalgia. I had deep abandonment issues that affected my relationships but with no apparent reason. My parents were a very loving couple, together until the day my dad died.”

“I was young when I met my husband to be and remember him being a little late to one of our first dates. I was terrified something had happened to him or he had died. After our date, I wasn’t planning on seeing him again. A totally irrational response to the situation!  This played out time and again in my relationships.”

“In my constellation it was revealed that I was carrying a tremendous burden that was actually my mother’s to carry. She had lost her mother at 4 years of age, lost a brother, and a lover in the War. I was able to give these back to her, honor her fate, and be released from dealing with this issue in my relationships.”

“My relationship with my mother transformed and deepened to a place I never thought imaginable. I also had another case of a very blatant repeated pattern that was healed. My mother had lost a child at birth. As a young wife I also had lost a child at five weeks of age. This work allowed me to fully grieve the loss of my child and form a bond with him that I never had before.”

“That was just my first constellation. The richness, depth and profound perspective it has provided really can’t be put into words. It is about coming into a sense of ‘wholeness’ that allows a new relationship to everything in your environment.”

“Origin Constellation Work” may be done in a private consultation or most often in a group workshop setting. In addition to Bert Hellinger’s “Orders of Love”, we are working with the morphogenic, or “knowing field”. This field as identified by biophysicist, Rupert Sheldrake, as the place which holds the record or information pattern of our entire family system, is similar to the way in which we inherit the DNA structure from our forebears. This family field “knows” the deep down realities of the family system. Bert calls this the “Family Soul”, as it contains not only the deep-seated wounds, but also the mode of healing. Even though we live in such individualistic times, the soul still honors the realities of the tribe. We like to believe that we can choose whom and what to acknowledge, and what not. It is possible, but the price will have to be paid, usually by later generations. “The family soul does not rest until every member is fully included again.”

A participant in Origin Constellation Work has an issue or intention of resolution. After a brief interview the facilitator will determine the roles to be represented. The client will choose from the group, people to represent the person or state being worked with in the constellation. The client will set up the representatives, as it feels right to them, in the center of the group, or “the field”.

From the time representatives are placed in the constellation they will be standing in the ‘true energetic of the family’, and amazingly will feel the inner reality of the person or state for which they stand. They will begin to experience feelings and thoughts, moods and even physical sensations of the person they represent.

This will lead the facilitator to the original cause for the block of love and acceptance, even though it may have been many generations ago, and totally unknown. As the constellation progresses, the needs of the soul emerge, and the gestures and sentences of healing present themselves. Step by step, through simple words and demonstrations of honor and acknowledgment, the entanglements and blocks are revealed and restored to strength and love. This movement allows the client to embrace their true potential to live a full and vital life. This renewed flow of love and acceptance is experienced by not only the client, but also remarkably by other members of their family system.

“When the ‘Orders of Love’ have been restored in the family, individuals can go beyond the family. Then they feel the strength of the family coming from behind them. When the connectedness in the family is acknowledged, the responsibilities are seen and shared clearly, and the individuals feel relieved. Now they can follow their unique individuality without being burdened and caught by what went on before them.”
 — Bert Hellinger

Krista Jarrard a Bridge Builder to the Soul!
Krista explains, “When someone in the family system has been excluded, forgotten, cast out, or suffered a difficult fate, someone of the following generations unconsciously and invariably will step in and bring the lost mem-ber’s destiny back through living it out in this lifetime affecting us in ways in which we have no understanding. It happens out of a deep but hidden loyalty that will not allow anyone of a family system to be denied their right to belong. It is a love so deep that the family member may unconsciously choose to die, rather than “betray” the family bond.”

“By working gently, honestly and directly with facts, rather than beliefs or our story, we can discover previously hidden dynamics, halt their operation, acknowledge what is and allow healing resolution. Therapists and healing professionals in Europe and the U.S., are beginning to witness and recognize the profound healing that can take place using systemic constellation work. Origin Constellation Work is a powerful tool in sourcing the origin of our problems and finding resolution and deep healing within the complex and often tragic relationship systems of the individual and family,” continues Krista.

Krista Jarrard brings a warm and wise heart, and a strong  background in business, spirituality, and personal growth to her practice of Origin Constellation Work. She assisted Ulrich Bold in bringing Origin Constellation Work to the United States and has trained with Bert Hellinger protégé, Heinz Stark, of the Heinz Stark Institute.

She continues her training with the Gabrielle Bor-kan Institute for Systemic Constellation Work, is a graduate of Universal Pulse®, Power Communications, and Bridge to the Soul trainings for personal and professional transformation and evolution.

Krista is a Certified Astrological Professional by The International Society for Astrological Research, assistant director of SCAN, Southern California Astrological Network, as well as a professional counselor, workshop facilitator and coach.

Krista offers workshops and private sessions locally and throughout the Southwest. For further information call (949) 631-5726, or you may e-mail:  or see   

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