By Mic LeBel



Recycline Inc.®, an environmental consumer products company, is proud to announce a new relationship with the National Wildlife Federation, the nation’s largest member-supported conservation group dedicated to protecting wildlife, wild places and the environment. The new partnership will support endangered species protection through the creation of a new Preserve® Jr Endangered Species collection of Recycline’s environment-friendly Preserve Jr toothbrushes for children.

The first release of the new Preserve Jr Endangered Species collection features three endangered animals — the cheetah, the koala, and the African elephant. “We hope the new brushes will not only teach children about preserving their health and the environment, but also inform them about the vital role all species play in the health of the planet,” adds Hudson.

All of Recycline’s products are made from recycled materials, such as Stonyfield Farm® yogurt cups, and are completely recyclable with a postage-paid recycling mailer provided by the company. Returned toothbrushes are recycled into useful plastic lumber products such as children’s playground equipment, park benches and decks.

The new collection features packaging that includes fun facts about the endangered species and encourages children to visit to view and/or print out free endangered species profile pages. “Teaching kids to appreciate and care for wildlife is the first step in ensuring the good stewardship of our planet,” states Mark Van Putten, President of the National Wildlife Federation. “Our organization is proud to be a part of this effort.

The Preserve Jr Endangered Species collection will be available in natural food stores nationwide in January 2003.

To learn more about Recycline and the National Wildlife Federation, visit  and .

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