Pacific College Celebrates
Chinese New Year with Free Event
By Rebecca Wilkowski



Pacific College of Oriental Medicine will be hosting a free event for the public on Saturday, February 8, 2003 from 10 a.m. to 4 p.m. The college will be offering complimentary 20-minute acupuncture treatments (for smoking cessation and stress reduction), 15-minute massages, Tai Ji and Qi Gong demonstrations, and informational lectures.

Lecture topics include: Stress and Pain Management, Preventing Colds and Flu, Healing the Spirit, Women’s Health Issues, and The Profession of Oriental Medicine. Refreshments and certificates for one complimentary acupuncture treatment (new patients only) will be provided.

The public is invited to tour the campus and meet with staff and faculty to further their knowledge of Pacific College’s programs and the field of Oriental Medicine.

The National Institute of Health and the World Health Organization have cited acupuncture and Oriental Medicine as an effective means of treatment. Over fifteen million acupuncture treatments are performed safely each year, and nearly half of the American population spends $27 billion annually on complementary therapies of this sort.

Acupuncture therapy is beneficial for problems such as: pain, arthritis, asthma, upper respiratory conditions, digestive and urinary disorders, insomnia, depression, post-stroke paralysis, addictions and more. Acupuncture and Oriental Medicine are becoming more popular as patients in increasing numbers are discovering the benefits of Oriental Medicine as their primary health care therapy.

For more information RSVP by February 5 at (619) 574-6909.  

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