By Jenny Liu
Our World’s Feng Shui in 2003



Blossoms of spring, fruits of summer, leaves of autumn and the snow of winter are Mother Nature’s special way of announcing the arrival of each season. All over the world, every country has its own way of commemorating the seasons. If we could see it, this would be a colorful display of ceremonies and festivities that sweep across the continents celebrating the beauty and cycle of life, binding us as one race to the laws of nature. As these seasons shift, so do our clothes, our emotions, our energy level and our behavior.

Beyond the seasons, on a larger scale, our whole world goes through a cycle of fluxes every year, influencing our global economy, society, politics and health. In one of the higher levels of feng shui practice, a special system known as the Flying Nine Stars, is used to forecast annual, twenty year and sixty year cycle influences on global, regional and personal levels.

For the purposes of this article, it suffices to explain that we are currently in the Seventh Cycle which covers the twenty year period from 1984-2003. The New Year, 2003, is the last year of this cycle. The next twenty year period is the Eighth Cycle and starts in 2004 and ends in 2023. The Ninth cycle covers the twenty year period of 2024-2043. Together, the Seven, Eight and Nine cycles forms a sixty year cycle which we are also currently in. (Thus, it is important to note that the Seven, Eight and Nine stars are considered “timely” and have greater influence as they in synergy with the sixty year cycle.)

There are Nine Stars numbered one through nine and each is associated to one of the five elements, (fire, earth, water, wood and metal) each has its own characteristic and energy effect. There are various effects and impacts that can be interpreted on the different parts of our world, our country and our homes depending on when, where and how the stars come together. Knowing how to interpret these charts correctly allows us to better prepare for the year to come as areas of strength or weaknesses are forecasted, we know what to avoid, what to focus on and what to be aware of.  In our homes, our feng shui should be adjusted every year to accommodate these energies to ensure a peaceful and prosperous new year.

In 2003, the Six, Two and One Stars are in the center. The Six Star is out of sixty year grand cycle, its energies have passed and have a weaker influence. The Six Star is associated to the father figure, the middle age leader. It is also associated to wealth, trade and government. However, with its weaker energy during the Seven, Eight and Nine sixty year cycle, the Six star represents the lonesome middle age leader whose ideals are old and egocentric, creating a gap with how to deal with the reality of the current times.

President Bush is a typical Six Star leader. His energy drives the economy for the wealthy to get wealthier and the poor to be poorer. Similar Six Star leaders all over the world aim for short term and personal benefits. They attain wealth at expense of our precious resources and the disadvantaged. However, in their pursuits, they will encounter much competition and fighting. Sales in weapons, defense, and military go up.

This imbalance of power will spur women into action. The Two Star is associated to the mother, the female leader, and the earth element. Its energies defeat the One Star which is associated to the water element and the lustful male official. We are likely to see female leaders have the advantage over male politicians. In general, women will be competing more and more for men’s positions, especially in politics. There may be “sex traps” to pull male politicians down. There are likely sexual harassment charges, blackmail, or sex scandals that will appear in politics, but among large corporations and the common masses as well. Older, more experienced and lustful females take the liberties of willing men. Sexual aids, wholesales, trade, travel and real estate continue to rise. At the same time, female sexual ailments, terrorist activity, protests and revolts increase. These Six Star leaders need to transfer power and benefits to others to release conflict and create more balance. Otherwise, they will find that just as they have forced others, they can also be forced into action.

The south has the One, and double Six Stars. The One Star is a masculine energy associated to water, transportation, shipping, oil and sex. This likely brings rain, flood and water damage to the south regions such as South America, Australia or Texas. However, because the One Star is also a complementary energy to the fire element energy of the south and promotes the double Six Stars associated to metal and wealth, businesses in the southern regions, particularly those related to One Star such as water, water damage repair, birthing, sex, or love therapy will enjoy expansion in 2003. With the double Six Stars, southern leaders and businessmen are strong and likely to do well. However, they can still expect some arguments and troubles to deal with, as the south is associated to fire which does defeat the metal energies of the Six Star, bringing damage, accidents or injuries.

The Four, Nine and Three Stars are in the east. The Four Star is a feminine wood energy that complements the masculine wood energies of the east. This promotes the positive aspects of the Four Star, bringing scholarship, prestige, promotion and positive leadership and fellowship. The Eastern leaders in China and Eastern Europe are likely to enjoy good health, economic improvement, and good reputation. Marriage rates go up in the East. Female leaders attain power. In general, females enjoy more liberation and achievements in education. Businesses related to communications, advertising, public relations, travel, shipping, art, writing, and the media do well in Eastern regions. Female artists, actress and spokespersons come into the foreground in the media. The government, scholarships, foundations and prestigious organizations support these female leaders. Asian philosophy and culture continues to expand and take a global influence. However, the Four Star also brings wind and storms to Eastern regions.

The Two Star appears in the north. The feminine earth energy of the Two Star defeats the energies of the north associated to water. Thus, waters in the north regions such as the Great Lakes, Canada, or Scandinavian countries may be depleted, polluted or damaged by disease, avalanche or landslide. Female leaders in the north regions may suffer ailment with surgery or accident, adultery, scandal or rape. Lustful government officials are taken advantage of by the aggressive female. With the Seven Star and the Five Star coming together, their negative effects of fighting and ambition clash to strike discord between the sexes. Northern regions may have an increase in miscarriages, female ailments, female crimes, colds, skin allergies and digestive problems.

The Five Star brings disaster, robbery, warfare, and disease to southeastern regions. As the southeast relates to the wood element, the liver, and the female scholar, the Five Star can mean deforestation, toxins, chemicals, biological warfare, hepatitis, female repression in the southeast regions. Politically in southeastern regions of Thailand, Philippines, Cuba or Florida, there can be corruption, lawsuits and bankruptcy involved. The conflicting energies of the One Star, associated to masculine water energies, with the Two Star, associated to feminine earth energies, also brings a rise in con artists, scandals, adultery, and psychological and sexual problems in the southeast.

The Eight Star associated to the masculine earth energies is promoted when it comes together with the west’s metal energies. The west regions such as the West Coast of the U.S., San Francisco, France or Portugal can enjoy prosperity especially in areas related to the earth, such as real estate, farming, developing and mortgage financing. With the Four and Eight Stars, businesses in communication, education, advertising, marketing, notary, and financial services will improve in 2003. However, because the Four Star’s wood energy does conflict with the west’s metal energies, this can bring strong winds to the west and increased dryness, allergens and possibly some damage by hurricane or storm.

The feminine metal energies of the Seven star coming together with the northwest masculine metal energies creates too much metal. Like two swords, this creates a clash of power between males and females, particularly young females with the male authority figure. In the northwestern regions of Seattle, Vancouver, and England, there is competition between the sexes and verbal slashing resulting in rebellion, demonstrations, and slander. Political scandals and unrest makes headlines in the northwest regions. Male professionals will libel their female competitors who will likely fight back and excel because the Seven Star energies are stronger during the Seventh, Eighth and Ninth cycles. Changes in policy and social standards take precedence.

The Three star is a masculine wood energy that defeats the feminine earth energy of the southwest. Associated to the professional, the lawyer or politician, the Three Star coming into the southwest can bring violation to the female. Female leaders in the southwest may encounter lawsuits, violations, challenges, obstacles or rape. The Four Star is a wood energy associated to wind that depletes the earth energies of the Eight Star. This can bring damage to real estate, property by storm and high winds. There is likely an increase in dryness, inflammation, and allergens in the southwest regions of Los Angeles, Hawaii or Central America. Because the Eight Star is also associated to children, children’s health are especially affected in the southwest. Pediatric businesses will in turn be getting more patients. Miscarriages may increase in the southwest regions.

The feminine Nine Star associated to fire promotes the masculine earth energies of the northeast. The northeast regions of New York, Washington D.C., Japan, and Korea enjoy the benefits of strong female leadership. Actresses, spokeswomen and female activists shine in the northeast regions and make a global impact. However, with the Five and Seven stars, there may still be respiratory problems, and females injuries as they fight for their causes. Females celebrities and heroines are recognized in the northeast regions. With the Nine Star’s fire energy promoting or aiding the growth of the earth, development and construction in northeast regions brings the economy back. The rebuilding of New York is being watched by the world and serves as a beacon of good tidings of the future.

The world is in a turning point as we are exiting the Seventh Cycle and entering the Eight Cycle. The global energies will be unsettled during this time, but stabilizing once again in the next twenty year cycle. The areas to keep an eye on are the regions that contain the “timely” stars of Seven, Eight and Nine. In 2003, these are the northwest, west and northeast regions. We will likely find that these regions will have more presence in global matters and their energies will have a more dominant effect. The southeast and southwest regions are the weaker areas and caution should be taken for people living in or traveling to these areas. Overall, there is much fighting and wrongdoing in the struggle for power between the sexes. In these battles, time, energy and resources are often wasted. We all benefit to be aware of this air of competition in 2003, and strive for compromise and mutual benefit of putting actions to better purposes.

Jenny Liu holds a Bachelor’s Degree in Environmental Design from UC Berkeley and a Master’s Degree in Architecture from UCLA. She is an expert in the 8,000-year-old Chinese philosophy of Feng Shui who shares her knowledge through seminars, workshops, periodicals and the internet. Ms. Liu is a fourth-generation practitioner with her own consulting firm. For more information please see www.liu-fengshui.com or call (909) 860-0633.  

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