By Jana LeMay



“The dance is the mother of the arts. Music and poetry exist in time; painting and architecture in space. But the dance lives at once in time and space. The creator and the thing created, the artist and the work, are still one and the same thing.”  

When people get in touch with and take care of their bodies, they will naturally take better care of the body of their mother, the earth. Since the beginning of time, dance has been a way to experience the meaning and importance of life. When you dance, not only are endorphins released into your system, picking up your mood and vitality, but you express your creativity, which is a vital human need. Stress, frustration, and feeling “stuck” come from a lack of expression, a lack of physical harmony, and a loss of our sense of importance in the overall scheme of things. Dancing and movement can get you back in touch with all of this in a very simple, tangible way.

Movement connects you back into the rhythm of the universe, and the core elements that make up who you are and why your are here (body and soul). It accesses a deeper wisdom; while thoughts can be deceptive, the body does not lie. The people you dance and move with will become your family and your community, people you can be your true self around. Dance and movement satisfy the need for beauty, wonder, magic and infinite possibilities.

Animals and plants dance and move, water dances; all through history, people have danced to feel their oneness with all things, their heritage as infinite beings, to pass on knowledge to their youth, and to learn through the movement of their bodies about the nature of the universe. It is said that modern man/woman has become empty, void of meaning, mentally ill. Dance and movement can be the catalyst for the healing process to begin.

Here, in the North County of  San Diego we are blessed with gifted healers and teachers of touch, movement, self-expression health and well-being from all over the world.

We invite everyone interested to come participate in the new Healing Moving Arts program at Seaside Church in Encinitas led by masters from all over the world. Let’s get physical!

For further information and schedule, call Jamie Zimron, 5th degree black belt in Aikido (800) 978-5516 or Jana LeMay, professional dancer and teacher for 30 years (858) 350-1196.

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