An Interview with Andrea Arrowsmith
By Celeste Allegrea Adams



Andrea Arrowsmith describes herself as neither a scholar, a philosopher, nor a musicologist. The perspective she holds on the music of the spheres comes from her own personal experiences.

Although Andrea has been hearing impaired since birth, she hears the music of the spheres, and plays it on her keyboards. She hears the music that radiates from all things and can see angels reflecting the color of the sounds they sing.

Andrea’s music is so uplifting and etheric that it transports you to realms of pristine beauty and light. During her concert tours, there have been angel voices and angel sightings, notes not played being recorded, angels forming in cloud shapes over the concerts, voices coming out of the speakers when the electricity was off and spontaneous healings. The music erases any discord allowing perfect patterns to occur on earth. Andrea explains that when we have inner harmony, ‘the mind quickly comprehends what the soul wishes you to know, see and be.’

Adams: How did you first hear the music of the spheres?

Arrowsmith: One spring day while hiking the Pacific Northwest mountains, I heard chords in the same pattern of thirds coming from nature that I had been playing to God in the Highest as prayer. What I heard in the mountains was identical to what I played as a child. I reverently asked each thing I saw…the snow, the stream, the trees, moss and sky, to allow me to hear its tone and each one’s tone graciously vibrated in my inner ear the moment I prayed. Years later, when reading about Pythagoras for the first time, it dawned on me that Pythagoras’ teachings were about the music I experienced within. I recognized the chords in nature to be the same chord patterns as the music wafting continuously from Creation levels of the heavenly spheres I hear while I meditate. The stars truly are a symphony of the spheres. Their chord-like harmony of thirds sustain and shape creation out of the substance of divine love with the power of the 3 x 3 x 3, known in Christianity as the Trinity, the Triune Father, Son and Holy Spirit. I fully believe if the harmony of this heavenly music were suddenly released on earth there would be such an explosion of beauty and joy, the God consciousness would raise earth and mankind into instant perfection.

Adams: How would you describe the Music of the Spheres?

Arrowsmith:  The harmony of the music of the spheres condensed into the human octave is a passageway for love to manifest Love on earth. Each individual sends universal love both ways —outwards and inwards. If the refined vibrations of harmony can be established by people in their environments, the Divine Mother can move through earth to love, nurture and create balance. The harmony needed for that is magnified a thousand fold through groups. Universal concert with the music of the spheres, the angelic choirs and keynotes of soul songs paves the way for the ascent of humanity into the air (Christ-mind vibration) and condenses the vibrations so the descent of the holy hierarchy into the earth vibration can be made easier. Harmonic music for the God in all Faiths, the keynotes, angelic choirs, music of the spheres and soul songs help merge heaven and earth.

Adams: What qualities do people need to hear the music of the spheres?

Arrowsmith: I cannot tell what qualities people need. I know other composers who hear them. Some composers are only aware of the angelic choirs, others may be aware of certain cosmic sounds of the music. Personal motives for playing the music are important. It seems to me that one must be deeply moved by the music, have a reverence for life, and inborn spirituality and love to be of service to others.

Adams: How have you been able to overcome your limited abilities to hear sound and how has that affected the kind of music you create?

Arrowsmith: Some people think because I’m nearly deaf, it’s a miracle I play any instrument! No one knew how bad my hearing was because I taught myself to read and lip-read before I started kindergarten. With the aid of the lip reading, I studied classical piano for 12 years. Since the age of five, I have played the music of the spheres as a means of prayer and devotion to God. For over 50 years I’ve developed music as prayer.

Adams: Why do people have such strong reactions to hearing their soul song?

Arrowsmith: The harmony creates enough power so people often cry when they hear their soul songs. They feel their own soul is their true reality. Tears come with this type of experience of the Supreme Self. That brings understandings like the heavenly Presence is hidden within all forms and that nothing is devoid of love, consciousness, virtue or value. The spiritual experiences during my concerts and through my recordings challenge explanation. In the soul song demonstrations during my concerts, we all see clearly that the true nature of every individual’s God Self is so beautiful and pure, it defies words. Music pitches and their octaves are not just tones; they conduct the pure and perfect qualities of God consciousness like goodwill, steadfastness, lovingness, peace, and cooperation. These vary in each individual and are strengthened by harmonic music and harmony in relationships.

Adams:  How can people contribute to the harmony of the music of the spheres?

Arrowsmith: I love this question because it brings an opportunity to mention the beautiful truth that a human being’s thought ushers heaven’s harmony of the music of the spheres into the earth’s atmosphere. Whenever one thinks or feels love, kindness, purity, their thoughts reach the higher levels through their tones electrically and attract heaven to earth magnetically. Every thought we think is accompanied by music. Once I demonstrated soul songs to a very well known minister in Bellevue, Washington. He requested his soul song. Afterwards, he told all of us he remembered hearing the music I played while he was being born. Harmonious sounds keep our chakra and nervous systems in balance. Loud noises, and discordant sounds, such as some rock music and machinery sounds, like metal clanging and explosions, can shatter the veils of the chakras as can drugs, smoking and certain medicines.

Adams: I know you feel a sense of urgency about spreading the word about Triune Music. How can music contribute to world peace?

Arrowsmith: Around earth, discordant sounds and thoughts of humanity have made a haze of a dense cacophony of sound that blocks the free flowing conduction of harmony from higher levels. Higher angelic beings and masters need the light and harmonious sounds of music — love — to pass freely from one level to another and ascending members of humanity need to have a harmonic vibration rate in which to meet the ascended beings.

I think the amount of harmony in sound and music can either create or destroy whole civilizations. My whole purpose of pioneering the inner harmony of Triune Music, the music of the spheres, angelic choirs and soul songs, is to demonstrate to everyone how harmony of music with the thought of God in the Highest (no matter how one conceives of that) is in itself the power of peace.

For more information about having your soul song recorded, contact Andrea Arrowsmith at: Inner Sounds of Light Institute, P.O. Box 3082, Federal Way, WA 98063, (253) 838-8178, e-mail: Triune@HealingSoulSongs.com

Celeste Allegrea Adams is co-authoring “The New Song: Music for Personal Transformation and Global Harmony,” with Andrea Arrowsmith. Celeste also writes metaphysical screenplays and visionary fiction.

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