An Amazingly Ageless Woman and Why . . .
By Jesse Anson Dawn



Keanu Kuljis, rejuvenation therapist and former spa owner, is a phenomenal woman who at 49 truly looks decades younger. She is an authentic self-renewer who shares profoundly effective information about what keeps the human body healthy and young.

Keanu was born near the Canadian border, in Bellingham, Washington on September 28, 1953. Entering Earth amid the sun sign of Libra, Keanu seems to be an authentic representative of the scales which balance out the truth and beauty elements of Venus, ruling planet of Libra and Taurus.

A vibrant dancer and traveler, “living a full life,” seems to be a Keanu motto, for while she and her former husband have proudly raised two children (now in their early 20s), Keanu has co-owned holistic health retreats at Mount Shasta, Napa Valley, Mill Valley and Murietta Hot Springs in California. She is also one of the founders of the Polarity Institute at Orcas Island, Washington.

Keanu is a true believer in the rejuvenating effects of travel aligned with studies of foreign cultures, for she has visited Southeast Asia several times, along with journeys into Iran, Turkey, Jordan, Syria and Afghanistan (which, in pre-war times she found to be “a friendly, helpful place).” But after a war intervened during her stay in Cyprus, the American military evacuated Keanu and her friend to Beruit, Lebanon, a stay followed by an overland journey to the West Bank of Israel, followed by several trips to India, furthering her studies into meditation.

A bit closer to home, Keanu lived two years in Maui, Hawaii, where she says the “vibrancy of nature was so strong” that it “lifted and redirected her life toward a lifelong journey of self-renewal.” She also spent three years on the Gold Coast of eastern Australia, where she deeply studied hatha yoga and worked as a bodywork therapist at Camp Eden, Australia’s leading holistic health retreat. After Australia came a sojourn to New Zealand, where she was “deeply inspired” by “their unique holistic approach” and the “wild beauty of the Tasman Sea.”

Most recently, Keanu is a licensed aesthetician who now operates a facial clinic and seminar retreat located oceanside in Hilo, Hawaii. She is also “living out a lifelong passion” by singing and dancing in a popular reggae band, Jesse Dawn and the Kind.

All of which has immersed this amazing woman into a unique approach which blends Eastern mysticism, wholism and self-expression so effectively that she seems to be one of the truest rejuvenators on the planet.

Exclusive Interview with Keanu Kuljis

Jesse: As I’m a true believer in natural ways of rejuvenation that involve neither chemicals nor surgery, I’m quite impressed that you stay so youthful looking without the use of injections or plastic surgery, Also, I’m fascinated by your “misting” technique, whereby, with obvious beneficial effect, you spray-mist your face with a small bottle of water whenever it seems appropriate. When and where did you learn to do this?

Keanu: I first learned this back in the early 1980s, as part of the Thalasso-therapy, marine-based technique I learned from a visiting French therapist at my spa in Murrieta Hot Springs, in California. This rehydration technique is especially valuable for women who want to utilize the water penetration methods you write about, whereby there’s no need to re-apply make-up. In fact, when the mist bottle is held at a distance of about two feet from the face, this actually helps to “set” the make-up.

Jesse: So simple, yet a very effective idea. But now let’s get beneath the skin, okay? I’ve noticed that you have an unusual amount of vibrant, sexual energy for a person almost 50. Does the sexual energy factor help to keep you looking so vibrantly young?

Keanu: The energy for sexuality, and the energy for rejuvenation and creativity, is basically the same energy, because these factors have their origin in the second chakra, located in the pelvic region of the body. But there is fear of the power of female sensuality in most world cultures, so, consequently, most women unconsciously suppress elements of their sensuality as they get older. This is turn dampens the creative, transforming energy stored in the pelvic chakra or center. But to remain youthful and vibrant, our innate sexuality needs to be embraced, finding its appropriate outlet, either through a juicy sex life, or through music, dancing, singing, meditation, and other soulful pursuits.

Most women have a programmed expectation that their sexuality is less and less important, and less potent as they age. Instead, their sexuality needs to be consciously channeled into self renewal. The same chakra that creates our babies can also be re-channeled to re-create our own body — if we know how to use it. There are numerous ways to do this, some of which I have mentioned: from having a loving, satisfying sex life, done without any unnatural feelings of guilt, to transcending sexual energy through meditation. The point is no suppression of the second chakra, thereby consciously channeling it for purposes of regeneration and self-expression. For I have found that sexual suppression can be severely aging, causing a lack of radiance in both men and women.

Jesse: You have mentioned a weaving of science with “magic” to create a “personal tapestry” for regeneration. Can you elaborate on this?

Keanu: First, let me explain what I mean by the word “magic.” What I see as “magic” is primarily the mysterious power that can cleanse and heal the mind/body with its own internal energy, sometimes assisted by nature’s gifts from the plant kingdom and other holistic methods. But it’s important to know when to use traditional science and when to use holistic methods, sometimes weaving the two together, so when the right personal balance occurs, rejuvenation is the result.

Another important rejuvenation factor is the continual cleansing of unpleasant memories from the past, something which, done in a humble fashion, cannot be underestimated as a self-renewing technique.

Jesse: Can you explain the principal key to your amazing youthfulness for someone nearly 50?

Keanu: First of all, thank you for the compliment. But as to your question, it has been my privilege to come into contact with the ancient Hawaiian teachings of “Ho’oponopono” — literally meaning to “set things right.” These teachings center on correcting all of our “error” thoughts and returning to love. I believe this is a true secret of rejuvenation. In other words, a love of beauty, nature and pain release is a major key. Natural forms of beauty have always been an obsession of mine. The truth is, even when I was young, when asked what my so-called hobbies are, I would usually think of rejuvenation as both a “hobby” and a way of life. And what you love you become.

Jesse: But what do you say to people who call a love of rejuvenation merely overdone “vanity?”

Keanu: I think most of this misconception of youthfulness comes from a gross misunderstanding of nature’s laws. When left untampered, nature will continually renew itself in a cyclical fashion. The trick is to experience these natural cycles in an effective way, and there are many techniques for doing this, keeping aware that self-renewal is a completely natural product of love — the divine spark that runs everything. But this divine spark often gets repressed by our love-hate relationship with youthfulness. On the one hand, we glorify youth and beauty, often setting unrealistic standards for particularly physical beauty, followed by resentment when we can’t live up to these standards. We must go deeper into our understanding of rejuvenation. To tap into our own innate vitality is not vanity! It is our birthright and salvation, to be explored at any age.

Jesse: Do you have a special message for women over 40?

Keanu: Yes. Especially in these days of global unrest, this is the time to degenerate or regenerate ourselves, becoming women of wisdom, using our wise regeneration to uphold the integrity of the planet.

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