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Tips on Keeping Mind & Body Young

By Jesse Anson Dawn


Jesse Anson Dawn (accurately photographed at age 65), author of the national award-winning book Never “Old,” plus The Rejuvenator’s Bible, speaks out about a most stirring subject: how to personally control the unwanted effects of “aging.”

Presently answering the question: “Is a major cause of aging due to true mind-body wisdom being repressed and dumbed-down by medical fallacies and fears of the unknown?”

Dear Readers,

Yes, sadly it’s true that real wisdom (especially about the human body), is largely cast as being a “burden,” a reason to hang one’s head downward via the ponderous weight of “profound knowledge”...

But I THE TRUE YOUTHMAN have joyfully discovered that mind-body wisdom is a PRECIOUS gift, one that traverses a path of positive TOTALITY...

However, if you don’t care about where your true-self is heading, any old path will do, wise or unwise, helpful or deteriorating...

As I’m reminded of a useful little test you can try on yourself (to see a positive revelation about the “gravity” of thought).

How Posture-Plus-Attitude Strongly Affects “Aging”
Just try looking at your face in a mirror (when it’s held downward and supposedly burdened by “heavy thoughts”). Immediately you can see that gravity-plus-attitude makes your face look more wrinkled and older when held downward and depressed, but quickly a younger, refreshed look takes over when your face is held forward and upright, sparked with a little smile!

Also, I’ve discovered an even more visible example of the Frame-of-Mind Effect, by studying the facial changes of my 6-month-“old” baby, Jahson.

For example, when Jahson:
Is in a good mood, his pristine skin and delightfully unpretentious smile make him a lovely infant, lighting up a room with what I call the Original Grin. But when he’s cranky and cries, an open-mouthed frown takes over his face, as big puffy, red bags appear under his eyes, giving him the look of a 100-year-old, balding, toothless man with a face and neck full of depressions.

Wow! Such a CLEAR example of how attitude-equals-aging, so quickly via one’s INNER CONTROLS...

Yes, admittedly there’s nothing new about “mind-over-matter,” or joy-conquering-depression, but these interlinked-concepts have barely reached a small fraction of their potential. A potential largely squashed by the vast powers of medical profits (instead of prophets)...

All of which reminds us that true body wisdom is innately a joyful, uplifting thing, more immediate, more available, and truly much more effective than drugs or surgery.

And no matter what people have come to believe about taking care of oneself, even birds are prone to self-preening, and as for men, it’s not just a “gay” thing, which is another fallacy promoted by the “Medical” down-pressing of personal-power.

As joy and laughter truly IS the best medicine, especially when not just about a “joke,” but about enjoying an ever-learning way of life...

And is it true that the one who laughs last, thinks the slowest?

Thinking now about the power of joy and humor reminds me of my long-deceased father, who very rarely laughed, or even smiled (except for maybe a few times a year while watching comedy on TV).

“So why doesn’t he take a drug such as Prozac to make himself feel better?” people might ask.

As I’m again reminded of an elderly couple I visited, when the husband turned to his wife and asked:

“I can’t remember if I took my Prozac today. Do I look depressed?”

“Huh?” was all the woman could say, flabbergasted at how feeble her husband’s control of his inner well-being had become, a man who looked much older than his numerical age (as did my father).

And then there’s me, ceaselessly bouncing-back, as the blessings of mind-body-wisdom keep flowing into my awareness, like a self-renewing, drinkable river... the core of which dwells within the ongoing effectiveness of my nightly pre-sleep Inner Suggestion (IS) techniques...

New and especially effective Inner Suggestion verses of my mind-body poetry, creatively-curing-capsules designed to spark powerful results via a belief-system that can be recited to yourself and thereby absorbed (just before going to sleep, when you’re most open to suggestions urged by WILL and DESIRE:


Willpower is the body-god,
and IT CAN have the control
to cure ailments and ills
with powers of wilful soul,
IT can overcome all doubts,
making wishes and dreams
revive and come about,
relieving pain and tension
with natural healing might;
reviving and renewing skin,
making it smooth and tight,
YES I will, Oh YES I WILL,
what DOES come to BE
a new and TRUE TOTALITY...

Yes indeed it’s true, Inner Suggestion techniques, if done with wilful perseverance, WORK. Although I’ve learned that creative psychology has its ups and downs, days when you don’t revive or connect as well as you can. But my TRUE Youthman mind-body tip for miss-connecting days is this:

Just make sure mind-body miss-connections don’t last for the rest of your life... Because the principal mission of a perpetual-youth-seeker is to give birth to one’s ever-healing, wilfully-desired, better self...

To answer any questions about true rejuvenation, Jesse can be reached by emailing jesseisforreal@yahoo.com