January Febuary issue of Awareness Magazine : Mavis McCovey A Medicine Way of Life, Deanna Campbell Saving Tibetan Culture

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By Rev. Sandy and Kirk Moore


Q: I am very disturbed by all the global disasters, including wars, and the effect on so many innocent people. Why do innocent people suffer so much from these tragedies? It just doesn’t seem fair that those who are not responsible are often the most harmed by these events.
— David, Mission Viejo

A: We would like to first address your use of the word “innocent” to describe those who seem to be unfairly affected by these global events. The use of the word innocent to describe some people indicates that you believe some others may not be so innocent, and thus more deserving of harm from global disasters.

In our philosophy, all events are neutral and all effects contain within them the seeds of their transformation into beneficial experiences. What we perceive as negative and fearful events are actually opportunities to extend love. What we judge as unfair is a perception of events as good or bad, and people as innocent or guilty. In the words of our founder, Ernest Holmes, “The only thing that needs healing is the perception that something needs healing.”

Look within yourself for your innocence, and know it is your perception of world events that is asking for healing. We are all expressions of God-in-form, and none is more or less deserving of Love than another. Embrace the events of the world as yours, and visualize them as perfect, whole and complete, just as you are perfect, whole and complete.

Look upon all people as Divine expressions of God, each representing some aspect of you. Allow your mind and your heart to merge into oneness with All That Is. We recommend some form of meditation to accomplish this experience. Meditation opens the heart to a deeper Wisdom of Truth. Our inner guidance overrides our fear and opens us to God’s Love.

ASK Revs. Sandy & Kirk through our website, www.csloc.org, or email to revsandy@csloc.org. A Licensed Practitioner may respond to your prayer request. We are dedicated to A World That Works for Everyone Through Divine Love In Action and look forward to your visiting us at 25782 Obrero Drive, Unit D, Mission Viejo, CA 92691 when you are in the area; or send us a letter, an email, or give us a call. Sunday Service is at 10:00am.