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Oh God, Oh God, This Is My Destiny

By Bonny Kraus, IET Master Instructor


Experiencing life as a victim or a victor is a choice. Let’s take a look at the victim/victor scenario and determine our destiny or choice point. In reference to my previously-published article in the April edition of the Edge Magazine called, “Relationship and Oneness”, I would like to re-examine Jeshua’s plea, “God why have you Forsaken me” and determine the truth of his experience as he hung dying on the cross, appearing to be a victim of the hatred and ignorance of the people of the world at that time.

Let’s examine the truth of his seemingly victim scenario and what may be a very disempowering misinterpretation of this passage in our modern-day churches and interpretations of the bible.

In January of 2010, I attended a conference in Sedona called “The Gift in Shift.” I served as a volunteer, thus gaining access to many speakers. One of the presenters, Dr. Rocco A. Errico, a lifetime translator of Aramaic, made a most profound impression on my consciousness. Aramaic was the Hebraic language that Jeshua and his community spoke.

Dr. Errico spoke for one hour, which felt like ten minutes to me as his energy and messages so captivated my entire being. He shared a few of the more than 200, according to him, misinterpretations in our present-day bible. The translation with which I was so enthralled, was Jeshua’s uttering as he hung dying on the cross. As translated by Dr. Ericco, Jeshua spoke these words, “Oh God, Oh God, this is my destiny.” Jeshua in that moment knew himself as the victor and not the victim.

This statement, “Oh God, Oh God, This Is My Destiny” rang so true in my heart that my entire body resonated with truth and my mind sung out “Yes! This is my destiny as well.” This life I am leading; this life I have experienced for six decades; this perceived pain, suffering, disappointment, and uncertainty, are all my destiny which I agreed to before incarnating into human form.

It is my service. It is my will. It is my bliss. I am a victor and the co-creator, creating this journey with my beloved God/Goddess Presence which is the complete truth of who I am and who we all are — The Beloved Presence of the God I AM.

I Am, and we each are, this one piece of the God-self presence, which lives within all of our hearts. As we choose to become this God/Goddess true presence of ourselves we empower the creator/victor — the authentic self and move beyond any need or misperception of being the “Forsaken one”!

Thank you to every one of us for choosing to be here on planet Earth for this most auspicious journey to the “Return to Love” ever created on planet Earth. WE are the ones we have been waiting for.

From June 12, 2010 until July 10, 2011, the mass consciousness of humanity is traversing the 12:12 gateway — the “Return to Love” gateway. Let us choose to hold the love in our hearts for all humanity as the masses transform their minds from fear back into their heart’s love. WE are the wayshowers. It is our chosen destiny.

Bonny is a Certified Master Instructor of IET (Integrated Energy Therapy), Reiki Master, Spiritual Counselor and an Angel Card Reader. She will be offering a series of IET Practitioner trainings in Las Vegas and Sedona during the winter of 2011 (see dates and locations listed in the Awareness Resource Directory of this issue. Contact her at bonny1111@aol.com and view her website for exact class locations and dates www.learniet.com/bonny_kraus.asp