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Love Prospers All
An Interview with Jane Elizabeth Smith

By Corinne L. Casazza


Jane Elizabeth Smith built a nationally-recognized financial services business from nothing. She was billed as “America’s Cinderella Financial Planner” by the finance industry. Ask her how she did it and Jane will say, “by activating love.”

Even in these challenging economic times, Jane’s business is growing and she’s created the life of her dreams. “Love is the only way to keep ourselves supplied in these times. Money is not our supply. God is our Source and God is Love. Love is the only way out of where we are collectively and globally. We need to get in alignment with love and stay aligned.”

Before Jane brought her dreams into this reality, she had to learn to truly love herself. She went through most of her life feeling unloved. One of nine siblings raised on a farm, she overcame a childhood wrought with abuse and trauma. Over the years she went to a myriad of counselors who all told her she needed to love herself. “Not one of them could tell me how,” Jane remembers. She went into a downward spiral, her “dark night of the soul.”

After six years of suffering, she made a pact with God. “I promised God if I could learn to truly love myself, I’d teach others to do it.” That opened the floodgates for good things to begin pouring into Jane’s life. She learned to love herself and she’s keeping her end of the Divine bargain.

Jane’s latest book A Change of Heart: The Mystical Power of Love is a roadmap to loving yourself. It contains a powerful series of meditations called 40 Days to Love. “Over 40 days you are gaining access to your Higher Self and Divine Love through your unconscious mind. You are actually installing the belief that you are Love and God is Love, and you and God are one. You’re carving a new pathway in your unconscious mind so it has a direct connection to your Higher Self any time you need it — a connection to pour love through. It’s a true change of heart. This is the space we need to live from.”

Jane credits meditation with her own change of heart. “It changed me completely. It’s the single greatest thing I’ve done in my life to reach true self love, alignment with God and to become the soul I was meant to be. I had some sort of osmosis. I don’t know how it happened. I can only tell you that I’m not the same person I was before.”

Jane’s formula for co-creation is catalogued in her book, Your Three Wishes. She started out a few decades ago with Shakti Gawain’s Creative Visualization and became consumed with co-creation, reading everything she could find. Her own method “unites our physical, spiritual, and emotional beings with our unconscious mind. It contains aspects of all these.

Most importantly, it uses love to propel your wishes into reality. That’s why it works. Love is the differentiating factor. You must employ and access Divine Love while viewing the outcomes of your desires.”

Jane’s plan includes meditation, “It’s like rubbing a genie’s lamp. Ask in meditation and you might as well go pick up your order. “Her approach also uses affirmations, which she prefers to call “commands,” writing down the request, believing it, and, of course, “pouring love all over it.”

According to Jane, writing what we want to create is actually the first step toward manifesting it in the physical. Further, “when you speak a command, you are impressing that vibratory frequency and the belief of those words into the energy around you. When you thank Spirit for having delivered whatever it is, the Universe doesn’t know any different, so it delivers!”

And what about the love part? “Love is the raw material that forms itself into substance, so, focusing on love manifests everything. Doors will fly open. Anything we do with love manifests quickly.”

For Jane, the Divine Feminine is a big part of co-creation. She defines it as love; not human emotional love, but the heart-spaced love that you feel when the beauty of nature takes your breath away. “Divine Feminine is the highest energy on the planet. It’s a blend of our higher self and our emotional body — things that aren’t in the physical. It’s the crux point; these invisible pieces of us must make their way into the physical world. When we learn to harness this love, we’ll create anything we choose.”

Jane advises us to stop competing for what we see around us. “If everyone sees only so many grapes on the vine, they begin fighting for what they think is their share of the grapes. They see it as only so many to go around.” Instead Jane says, “If we want more grapes in our life, we should go within and connect with our own vine, our own essence, and call forth those grapes. We can create anything we want. This is the natural order of things. It’s been obliterated from our modern knowledge.”

Meanwhile, the economic times we’re in are “the apex of modern material man: greed, money, and ego. Since the dawn of recorded time, ‘his story’ has been all about materiality, self-preservation, power, sexual prowess, and control; everything from our animal nature.

We’ve been completely out of balance as women — the natural carriers of the Divine Feminine, which includes love and the powers of the subconscious mind — have been shut down and shut out of any important roles in culture and society.

This natural, spiritual essence we all house was burned at the stake. We can see where this has gotten us. We’re stuck in a material world filled with greed, power, corruption and war.”

This survival mentality is not serving us. “Love is the only way to keep us supplied. If we’re in fear of losing what we have, or not getting what we want, we’re shutting down the flow of prosperity. When we’re in love with what we have right now, and believe with all our heart that we’ll have plenty no matter what the outer appearance is, we stay in the flow.” This is exactly how Jane created her Cinderella existence.

Jane is speaking at the Fifth Annual Finding the Gift in Shift Conference in Sedona, Arizona January 21-23, 2011. For more information on Jane Elizabeth Smith, visit www.ActivateLove.com To register for the Gift in Shift Conference, visit www.StellarProductionsLive.com

Corinne L. Casazza is a freelance writer based in Sedona, Arizona. Her latest novel, “Walk Like an Egyptian” is available from Amazon.com and BarnesAndNoble.com