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Women, Hear Their Voices
As You Journey Through Their History

By Joan Wise


“Historians have long recognized that our view of history is tremendously skewed toward the people [who had] the education… the leisure time … and the resources to preserve their documents in books and libraries: in other words, elite males. We know most of what we know about women in the past because… individual women did things unusual enough that men took note of them.”

— Hanna Blank,
Ms Magazine Blog,
March 2010

There was a time when women couldn’t have a job. They had no voting rights and were considered as property, passed from father to husband. Women have come a long way from those days thanks to the efforts of many strong and courageous women. Hanna Blank describes them as “individual women who were unusual enough” to be noticed by men.

The Women’s Journey Conference has produced a work to honor and celebrate these wonderful women. We Did It For You! Women’s Journey Through History acknowledges and celebrates their historic achievements. It explores how women were able to affect and change the society in which they lived. This play is their story, what they did, thought and dreamed.

The women portrayed may or may not be well known, their names may not be household names or necessarily written in the history books, but when you witness the stories of these women, you will experience a deeper understanding of women’s history.

We Did It For You! Women’s Journey Through History is a living history presentation told in their voices. It is a 45-minute eye-opening tale, fun and educational, told through stories of the women who made it all happen. Amy Lance, Director of Undergraduate Business Advising at C.S.U Chico believes this to be “…one of the most entertaining and interesting re-enactments of the history of women [she has] seen to date… well put together, and easily captures the interests of all age groups, especially our younger generation.”

Dr. Paula Fellingham, Founder and CEO of the Women’s Information Network (WIN) describes her experienced as “…a heartwarming play [that] takes audiences on a profound emotional journey resulting in a deepened awareness of, and appreciation for, women in history upon whose shoulders we stand today.”

The Women’s Journey Conference in conjunction with the Women’s Information Network will present a performance of this play on March 8, 2011, in celebration of the 100th anniversary of International Women’s Day. This is the largest live and web-streaming women’s event in world history.

It takes place concurrently in New York City, Washington D.C., Chicago, Atlanta, Miami, Houston, Denver, Seattle, San Francisco, and Los Angeles, as well as streaming to 176 countries. You surely do not want to miss this opportunity to honor and celebrate women, past, present and future.

If you cannot make this event there will be performances scheduled throughout the southern California region in 2011. Please visit: (www.womensjourneyconference.com) for current listings.

The Women’s Journey Conference is scheduled to host a performance of the play on May 7, 2011, at UC Irvine. This conference is a day dedicated to empowering women and building self-esteem in young girls ages 8 to 18.
Attendees will be able to attend stimulating and compelling workshops, exciting musical entertainment and a shopping bazaar for all who attend the event. A program specially designed for young girls eight and older is also provided, making this day a spectacular opportunity for women of every age.

More information regarding We Did It For You! Women’s Journey Through History or The Women’s Journey Conference, can be found online. A video on the production is available at http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ySsi8_B42Dg.

If you would like to book a performance of We Did It For You! Women’s Journey Through History, please call Patty Turrell at (714) 754-7399.

Joan Wise, M.A., CLC, is a volunteer coordinator for the CSL,Newport-Mesa. This is her 4th year on the Women’s Journey Conference committee. Joan is a certified life coach and a counselor for men and women who have battered their partners. Joan firmly believes building self-esteem and empowering women is a major key to building peace in families.