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Ghosts From The Past
Missing Bishops ~ Missing Circles

By Heather Clewett-Jachowski


Journal Entry, May 2010:
Darkness is about to descend and finally, there’s a break in the cold rainy weather of Wiltshire, England. Wiltshire, in particular the Vale of Pewsey, has been home to most of the world’s amazing crop circles for over 30 years. These artworks of simple beauty and complex geometries have always been interwoven with great mysteries. The 2010 crop circle season proved to be the most mysterious so far.

As the rain stops, I get out of the car with my husband, Bert Janssen, who is an internationally-known crop circle researcher, author and lecturer (www.CropCirclesandMore.com), and we begin walking up Woodborough Hill in Wiltshire. I want to see what all the local gossip is about for myself. I’m curious to see the 2010 crop circle ghost of last year’s owl formation at Woodborough Hill. For the uninitiated, a crop circle ghost is the repeat of a previous crop circle pattern. The copy may appear a season or two after the original formation.

As we’re walking, I wonder, how can this happen? In 2009, the owl crop circle appeared in a field of wheat, but the 2010 ghost of the owl is in a field of canola. Also, the owl appeared in the late season of 2009 on August 10. Because it was in the second week of August very few people were left in Wiltshire to visit the owl.

Furthermore, the owl was harvested just days after it appeared. So, the 2010 ghost of the 2009 owl cannot be due to hundreds of people visiting the owl or because the formation was in the field for a long time.

Hmmmm. Yes, it’s true that occasionally some crop circles do leave a ghost for the next one or two seasons, but not as perfect as this one. Standing atop Woodborough Hill, I can see the crop circle ghost below. As the sun sets, nature quiets as it gives way to the place between light and dark.

The ominous sound of thunder tells me that more rain is approaching rapidly. But then I listen again. I listen more carefully, more quietly. There is another sound faint and off in the distance, coming closer to me. A primeval screech that chills me to the core of my being — a sound like the wheels of a train rounding too sharp of a turn — metal wheels scraping against a metal track.

Thunder shouts overhead, the rain begins to pour and a large black bird the size of a Condor like those from the Peruvian Andes glides over the ghost of the owl. It hovers for just a minute before disappearing into thin air over the ghost leaving behind an eerie supernatural feeling. A chill goes up my spine. It seems the large Condor-like bird was stating, “This is my domain.”

Heading back to our B&B we were abuzz with the ghost of the owl, and what looked like a Crebain – a large Crow-like blackbird from J.R.R. Tolkien’s Lord of the Rings. Back at the Pelican Inn, we were too excited to sleep.

Since the bar was still open, we told the managers of the hotel all about our experiences with the ghost of the owl and the Crebain. We reminded ourselves and them that Crebains were used as spies in the War of the Ring to get information on the ring-bearer.

With great enthusiasm we showed them pictures of the 2009 owl formation in wheat, and the 2010 owl ghost in canola. We stayed up for hours talking about crop circles. What I didn’t know then was how different the 2010 season would be from all the previous seasons I had been in England.

During the night at our Inn, strange electrical experiences kept occurring in our room. Things like the lights flashing on and off, the TV coming on by itself, and off in the distance at least twice, I thought I heard that same eerie primeval cry of a Crebain.

As daylight flooded into our room, we were both convinced that neither of us had slept a wink, but that is a common story in the magical land of crop circles. We made some coffee, and started mapping out our day. We made a mental note to mention the electrical problems to the managers.

As we opened the door, an employee of the B&B came rushing up the stairs. She had the look of death on her face and fright in her eyes, and was carrying a single candle. This memory is etched into my mind’s eye forever, as if it just happened. We looked at each other, and Bert said, “Maybe this is not a good day to mention electrical problems to the manager.”

As we go downstairs, the entire staff is staring upstairs as if they’ve seen a ghost. Everyone starts talking at once: “Elaborate suit with a diamond-shaped design,” “older man, on the couch,” “behind the mirror.” “A GHOST!”
“Slow down, be calm ” I say. “What happened?”

After tea with B&B managers who shared the housekeeper’s ghost story, we went back to Woodborough Hill to view the 2010 owl crop circle ghost again in the daylight. From the hill, I could see several other fields in the famous Vale of Pewsey that had crop circles from the 2009 season.

I couldn’t believe it! I could see five crop circle ghosts from last season. What’s going on? There are no NEW 2010 crop circles in this area, which has been the hotbed of crop circles for 30 years. There are only the ghosts of crop circles past.

Ghosts from the past in the fields of England and in our B&B. What from our past is attempting to get our attention? And why was one of the spies, the Crebain, of middle earth watching us? Who is the ring-bearer that the Crebain is watching? We went back to our B&B to see how it all turned out. We thought it might make more sense over a pint of Guinness.

When we arrived the managers told us they had contacted the previous proprietor of the Inn, who said. “Oh, you finally met Harry.” “Yes, Harry the house ghost has been at the Inn since the beginning.” I asked the managers if they had ever seen or heard him before. They both said a loud and punctuated, “No!”

They told us they had managed the Inn for two years, and nothing — nothing, like this had ever occurred. They had decided that Harry the house ghost had something to do with Bert and I staying at the Inn. They thought it was our fault that Harry woke up. Well, we were talking about crop circle ghosts the night before, and now, we had even more ghosts to talk about.

That night, we turned in early, exhausted from lack of sleep the night before. Of course, sleep was not so easy to come by since the lights were again flashing on and off like some kind of Morse code. I swear there was a pattern to the lights, almost like something or someone was sending us an SOS.

As I fell asleep staring at the red lights of my digital alarm clock which read 11:11, I asked myself over and over, who are the ghosts of the past? Who is the ring-bearer? In the middle of the night I awoke with a start and stared at the glaring red lights of my alarm clock which now read 1:11.

There is a loud, male voice rumbling through my head. I sit up with a start. The room is spinning around me, but the voice is still bouncing off the walls of my cranium. “The Bishop is missing at Winchester.”

I wake Bert and tell him what I heard. He says 30-40 years ago, all the crop circles appeared near and around Winchester in Hampshire. This is home to Winchester Cathedral, one of the largest cathedrals in England, as well as the castle that houses King Arthur’s round table.

Missing Bishops at Winchester where initially the crop circles appeared. Missing crop circles in the Vale of Pewsey where crop circles have appeared for the last 30 years. Ghosts from the past in the fields of England and in the Inn. What did the missing Bishop, whoever he is, have to do with Harry the house ghost and crop circles? Is this missing Bishop the ring-bearer that the Crebain was spying on?

I must return to Wiltshire for the 2011 season. I have to find the missing Bishop. I need to know what the ghosts of the past want to tell me and find out who the Crebain is spying on and why.

I invite you to join us in England for the 2011 crop circle season. Come on our quest to experience the real-time mysteries while they unfold in the ancient and mystical landscape of Wiltshire.

You can learn more about the 2011 Crop Circle Expedition at www.CropCirclesandMore.com

Help us to discover who the ring-bearer is and uncover the ghosts of the past.

Heather will be co-teaching the Meet The CircleMaker Workshop at the Gift in Shift Conference, January 21-23 in Sedona. Visit: http://www.stellarpro ductionslive.com/GISPreConf Workshops2011.html

Throughout history humans have been confronted with several messengers, and we’ve been confused about their message. This hands-on Workshop, interweaves the messages, magic, and mystique of the crop circles, with insights and techniques of the ancient Wisdom Keepers.